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Running out of time?
Need some last minute things to give?
Well, I have a few easy things you can make really
quick that you and the person receiving, will just love!!

Here is a great little thing,
I made a few years ago for all the Ladies in my family...
Just perfect for your childs teacher,
the mail lady, a neighbor, or a co-worker!
It's a little sachet pillow that is refillable!!
Just click on the presents to get complete directions!!
You can put one of these together in about 1/2 hour
(if you have any questions about these little sachets
or anything else), you can Email Me..
I'll try to answer them for you...)

This is really cute and truly a last minute put together...
Snowman Soup
Want to have some fun with the whole family?
Maybe start a new tradition?
Well, here is something that the kids can help you make
I have made these, they were very easy.
I decorated mine with glitter and little sequins in the dough!
Let your imagination go wild!
Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

More gifts from the kitchen...quick breads!!
You can't go wrong with these little beauties!!
I give this favorite as gifts every year with a nice set of
inexpensive mugs and a one pot package of gourmet coffee!
Cranberry-Pumpkin Bread
(Just visit my Archive for more quick breads,
I'm sure you'll find something that you'll be able to whip up in no time!!
Quick Breads

Now, if you have some time
(and a few weeks advance notice:-)
Bourbon Cake
(don't be intimitated, its really easy, just takes a little time)

Invited to a gathering...say, for the next day?
Don't pull out your hair, take this crowd pleaser!!!!
Guaranteed to make the hostess (and everyone else) say

How about some Fudge?
Everyone likes Fudge!!
Got a couple easy and yummy goodies for you here!!
(More coming soon!!)

Here is a few great ideas submitted to me by my good friend Kold...
she's got some really neat stuff here that you can make,
they are easy, and beautiful!!
Thanks for the link Kold!!
(Just be sure you've saved or bookmarked my page,
so you can come back!!
But, I guarantee, you'll want to save her page too!!)
Kold's Krafts

The Happiest of Holidays to You and Yours!!

Here are gifts I got for myself, with the help of the Webmistress of the Enchanted Hollow
(My heartfelt Thanks to thee, Lady Nebula :-)
Aren't they beautiful?
If you'd like to adopt one of these beauties, please check each holiday..
she offers raffles for abandoned pixies,
and you might be able to pick one up too...

Please don't take mine!!

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