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The Perdue Family Website!

A Little about Us.

Welcome to our website! It's been a long time since I've been able to update our site. In the last year, we have had lots of changes in our lives. Dan got his IV Tech license and also became Firefighter I certified. In November, I quit my job at Garden Deli and took the position of Photo Studio Technician at the Swiss Colony Photo Studio. I like the change and the hours much are better; no nights or weekends. Dan and I are really enjoying EMS, although we have both had some very emotionally-trying calls in the last year. Charis is 8 and is enjoying 3rd grade. She's still in ballet and is also a brownie. Rylee is in the midst of potty training (oh, the horror!). She's working very hard and doing a really good job. And Emilie is keeping up with her sisters, now that she can walk. She doesn't walk as much as she runs. And from the sounds of it, she is going to be a big talker like her sisters were/are. We recently took a holiday trip to Walt Disney World and had lots of family fun. Hope you enjoy our pictures! Please stop in often, as we will constantly be updating about life, as well as the new baby, and adding new things. I hope to get some new pictures up soon! And make sure to sign our guestbook! Have fun!

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Rylee Jean's Page.

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