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Rylee's Page!

Here I am in an outfit I got for my 3rd birthday! Cheese!

I'm so goofy!

Hello from Florida!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Rylee didn't like the characters at WDW too much, other than Minnie Mouse. That napkin stayed on her head most of the Character Breakfast.

Here we are on our last morning, finiishing breakfast so we can head to the parks one more time.

Chocolate Chip Cookies make me messy, but they sure are good!

Kicking back in my highchair with my sippy of milk!

We Princesses have to stick together!

I love my naps! 4 months.

There was a clean baby in the bath tub! 11 weeks old.

6 weeks old!

And I really love my pacifier! I'm 1 day old here.

Here is a picture of my little face from my 7/1 ultrasound, at 20weeks and 1 day.

Profiles of me.

Here are my darling feet

Waving Hi to Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister!

Here is my Room. I love the green color and I like to brush my fingertips on the wall, while I'm laying on the changing table.

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