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Mr. T Vs. Scott Muller

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The Year is 1999, The world is living in fear of the Dreaded "Millenium Bug."

After two terrible performances Scott Muller has just been dropped from the Australian Test Cricket Team. What's more, the world finally discovered his horrible secret

The fact that he can't bowl & can't throw (He can't bat either.)

The Horrible Story

Rather than head back to play for his state side Queensland and work to improve his bowling ability, Scott Muller decides to vent his anger.

After days of pondering, Muller finally comes up with what he considers to be a good plan.

Luckily Michael Slater learns of this horrible plan & heads off with some other person, to find Mr. T.

Needless to say Mr. T is not pleased with Scott Muller's choice of action. Just cause a kid's in Australia doesn't mean they can't have a safe place to hang out.

Quickly Mr. T heads off in his Helluva Fast 1982 GMC Custom Van towards Queensland.

However during the 2 days it took Michael Slater to find Mr. T And the 0.0000109 seconds it took Mr. T to reach Australia, Scott Muller has been able to gather the necessary equipment.

Luckily Mr. T shows up at the last minute to save the day. However Scott Muller is not worried, because he wrongly believes that Mr. T's Van is not Helluva fast enough.

Mr. T bravely risks his van to save the youth centre

Indeed Mr. T is correct. This disappoints Scott Muller.

Having saved the Youth Centre, Mr. T turns his attention to Scott Muller.

At this point Scott Muller realises that he's rather screwed.

Mr. T tosses Scott Muller through space and time!

Having saved the world Mr. T kicks back & has a nice tall, cool glass of milk.

The End?


This is the secret character "Mr. T" in the game "International Cricket" for the Nintendo Entertainment System. To access him press AAAABBABABBBAABABABBABBAA Start, Select and then commit harakiri with the second controller.

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