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Promotional Tomfülery


This page contains text and images. Therefore it may be illegal to view in South Australia.

If you have any complaints regarding the contents, please put these complaints in writing & send them to the nearest incinerator.
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What Lies Within

Mr. Meanie

Where all things Meanie Dwell.
This is where you will get 3 times the daily recommended intake of blood AND carnage.

Leighthal-Hense4th Enterprises

Home of Leighthal-Hense4th Enterprises.
The Company with annual profits of $0, thus making it the most profitable online company in the world.


Political satire at it's finest.
Once described as "A series of images" by someone.

Random Miscellany

Here lie assorted random humourous things.
Including Mr T Vs. Scott Muller.

Caffeinated Adventures

The tale of the dark side of PC related gamery.
Based on a true (false) Story.


18th November 2001

New Mr Meanie Comic

27th September 2001

New Mr Meanie Comic

17th September 2001

New Mr Meanie Comic

16th August 2001

New Mr Meanie Comic

Designed by the one sometimes known as Movis.