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March 3, 2001 - 3:00pm EST

  This is going to be the new home of the Indiana Jones Network, we moved servers and I thought it was time to update and refresh the site. Not everything is complete but will be in good time. I am returning back to a couple old things that I was working on. One of which is a very cool 'Choose your own Adventure' game. If you've been and IndyNetwork fan for a couple years now you've probably read about it in old news. So please stick around and you'll like whats new. I promise :)

February 9th, 2001 - 2:00pm EST

  Well I have decided to get rid of the FLASH site, for a number of reasons, many still are on 56k modems and well quite frankly I don't have the information to put into a flash site. It would be pointless for me to take someones info and put it into flash (since I don't have my own on the movies, etc;)

I am planning on making a 'network' site for Indiana Jones fans, so that means, message board, webring (being worked on.. non-yahoo), site ranking, etc.

Also this concerns the DRAGONBALLZ people that come here, Goku's DB/Z/GT Empire was closed after a conclusion since there was too much bandwith usage (20+ gigs a day!! on this T1) and lack of interest on the part of the site crew. Thanks for visiting.

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