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To The ßear's Den!

Tumblin Bear
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The ßear's Den was last updated 7-25-98 More Stinkin recipes ....Be sure to stop by for a drink at the new "Cocktails" page, just look for link below..........Check out the New Stinkin Rose Ring for more Stinkin Sites on "Credits and Rings" page below...... Have a Stinkin Site you wanna add to the Ring? .

Thanks for stopping by the Den and I hope you enjoy your visit. Now if you are hungry, you can go to the Stinkin Rose Club to fill your picnic basket with all kinds of goodies. I like to feature good garlic recipes (hence the Stinkin Rose Club), but not all the goodies there reek of the lovely aroma of the Stinkin Rose. Please feel free to submit your own recipes by E-Mail that I can try out and post there. To all my fellow Cyber-Chefs whose recipes make it to the SRC, I will send you a cool "VIRTUAL GIFT" as my thanks. Or you can go to The Stinkin Rose Club Message Board and leave comments or swap recipes or ask a question. I'll try to post at least one new recipe a week to the menu, so come back often to see what's cookin. Now if you would just rather see some of the amazing powers or helpful hints on using garlic like how to get the smell off your fingers or why garlic is good and good for you The Power of Garlic is the place to go.

On the other hand if you just want to have some pointless time killing fun, then The ßear's Den is the place to go. There you will just find some "cool stuff" and some links to other fun places that I frequently visit. Who knows we may even bump in to each other at these places. You can also submit your fun places for my review, and if I have fun there I'll post it in The ßear's Den. Please be patient when entering the Den,it may take a bit to load but it will be well worth it. Sooooo "Where do you want to go today?"

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