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Non-Sport Cards Collecting.....Everyone Needs A Hobby

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I was fortunate to find a job soon after I graduated college. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Social Work, so it really was not that difficult to find a job in the human service field. However, my job has allowed me to expand my hobby, which is collecting non-sport cards. I now have both the time and money to spend toward this exciting hobby, whereas I didn't have either luxury before. I have also found that working in the field of Social Work, I need time to relax and take my mind off work. With that in mind, I hope you agree with me when I say that everyone needs a hobby.

I started collecting non-sport cards in the summer of 1994. The first set that I completed was The Lion King. I was actually just interested in completing a couple of sets of The Lion King to give to my two nieces for their birthdays. However, I soon found myself interested in other card sets and before I knew it, I had cards, wrappers, boxes, and supplies scattered all over my room. I was soon going to the card shows at the local malls and visiting the local card shops. I was hooked and I was really having fun with my new hobby. However, I was also going broke, because collecting non-sport cards can be expensive.

I currently have over 200 completed sets in my collection. My favorite set is The Crow, put out by Kitchen Sink in 1994. This set is based on the movie The Crow and has images from the movie on the card fronts and basic write-ups of the scenes on the card backs. The one "prized" card of my collection is a Hugh Hefner Autograph Card, which is from Playboy Chromium Cover Series 2 set. Odds of finding this card were 1:864, so I was one lucky individual the day I opened that pack.

There are a lot of different card types in the hobby, and I would have to say the best looking cards are the chromium cards. I have several sets by Krome and Comic Images, and they are really nice cards. I would think that most collectors would agree. In fact, The Best of Olivia, released by Comic Images in 1994, is one set that I think every collector should have. The artwork is fantastic and the quality of the cards, which are chromium, makes it one of the finest sets I have.

Over the past several years that I have been collecting non-sport cards, I have acquired several extra single cards as well as extra chase cards. Follow the links below to see what extras I have in my collection. I also have several cards that I need to complete sets, so I have a link to my need list as well. I am open to most trades so feel free to E-mail me with any possible trades.

Links To My Non-Sport Cards Lists
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The Internet has been a great tool in helping me to complete many of my sets. I have surfed the web and came across several other websites that deal with non-sport card collecting. I have also successfully traded with many other collectors in the past years. In fact, seeing all the other websites created by collectors was the initiative I needed to create this page for my cards. Just click on the links below to go to some other wonderful websites about non-sport cards.

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