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Welcome to the Beautiful Garden Called Rose Petal Place


Born On : April 4,1998

Rose Petal Logo

Last Updated: December 22,1998


Welcome to Rose Petal's Place, where the flowers come to life and talk to you! It all started a long time ago when a girl was moving away from her lovely home and garden. She cried for her beloved garden because no one would be there to take care of her flowers. She didn't want them to perish so she made a sercret wish that the flowers would live forever. Out of this magical wish brought Rose Petal and all of her friends (Lily Fair, Daffodil, Orchid, Sunny Sunflower, and Iris) to life. They still reside in this garden tending the little girl's flowers. Rose Petal made her home out of a teapot that was left there and turned it into "palace." And so begins the tale...........

Rose Petal dolls were very cute. Since I haven't got any pictures yet I will describe them for you. All of the dolls came with a green leaf stand, a little purse, and a comb for their hair.


Rose Petal : She had pink wavy hair and blue eyes. She wore a rosebud hat that had a rain drop on one of the leaves and a pink dress with an underskirt that was full of ruffles.

Sunny Sunflower :She had yellow curly hair and brown eyes. She wore a sunflower hat that had a raindrop on the tip and an orange and yellow shirt with green pants that had small white polkadots on it.

Iris :She was the only dark skinned doll. She had brown curly hair and brown eyes. She wore an iris flower hat with a raindrodp on one of the petals and a white dress with purple sleeves.

Daffodil :She had wavy yellow hair and green eyes. She wore a yellow daffodil hat with a raindrop on the tip of one of the petals and a ruffled yellow dress with a separate ruffled yellow collar.

Orchid : She had white wavy hair and purple eyes. She wore and orchid hat with a raindrop on one of the petals and a purple jumpsuit type outfit.

Lily Fair : She had curly blue hair and blue eyes. She wore 3 small lilies in her hair and a 2 piece outfit; a white leotard (for practicing ballet- her dream) and a ruffled white skirt with blue trimming.


These are the extra outfits you could've bought for her:(Strating with my favorites and descending).


Garden Belle

Skating Time

Flower Dreams

Bathing Beauty

Painting Posies

Petal Pushers

Dotted Dancer

Rose Water

Victorian Charmer

Tea Rose Party


These are items that you could've bought extra for rose petal:


Nastina : She was the evil spiderqueen!

Rose Petal Roadster : This was a rosebud shaped car that had a fold out seat (so you could have a friend ride with Rose Petal) and when you blew the horn, it played a Rose Petal tune.

Rose Petal Dollhouse Cottage : This was shaped like a watering can/ teapot (depends on how you look at it) and was Rose Petal's home. It had a big pink, see through door for Rose Petal to go through.


Pitter-Pat : She was Rose Petal's cat that came as plush pet.

Tumbles : He was a Rose Petal's friend hedgehog that came as a plush toy for you.

Rose Petal Purse: This was a purse for you that you could hold your dolls in and it ame with a comb and mirror for you!


I'll be puting more stuff up so comeback soon!


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