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Church of the Third Millennium

Church of the Third Millennium A Non-Denominational, Non-Profit Counseling Center-Phone 1-888-634-6202 thirdmillennium.html

. Chairperson: Rev. Lloyd J. Browning
. President: Rev. Michelle Ram'o
. Vice-President: Rev.Gary Michalski
. Secretary: Beth Ann Richmond
. Treasurer: Rev. Lynn Marie Mervis
. Native American Spiritual Advisor Mr.Guy Red Owl

Church of the Third Millennium (CTM) is a non-denominational educational ministry founded by Revs. Michelle Ram'o & Lloyd Browning. Their concept was to establish a center which would foster spirituality and would peacefully co-exist with all persons regardless of race, creed, sex or religious dogmas. The church is to function as a spiritual bridge of learning and counseling for all individuals who seek it's assistance.

CTM also offers to all persons who qualify the opportunity to become ordained non-denominational ministers, and to start their own congregations if they so desire, regardless of their own geographic locations. This is a right which is guaranteed by the constitution of these United States.

The founders and ministerial staff of the Guardian Board of Directors retain and exercise their unalienable legal and spiritual rights to reject potential ministerial candidates whose beliefs, intents and motivations would in any way usurp or interfer with another person's spiritual dogmas. CTM firmly believes in the separation of church and state and does not endorse or participate in any political activities.

CTM adheres to both mans laws which are embodied under the first amendment of the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights acts of 1948 and God's laws. The laws of man will eventually disintegrate and become non-existent; however the laws of God will remain in perpetuity.

CTM ministers are not required to forfeit their memberships in other religious or spiritual organizations. We believe each person is a "church"; therefore, each"church" should be encouraged to indulge freely in their religious and/or spiritual beliefs, as well as their religious and/or spiritual activies."Let no man put asunder that which God has created."

Any person interested in receiving non-denominational status, as well as those whose interest are in pursuing a degree in metaphysics, should contact us at 1-888-634-6202 or fax us at 830-896-8667.Interested ministry candidates must be dedicated to Freedom of Religion and the tenets and concepts of CTM. Otherwise,please do not apply for ministryship. To go back to Spirit Quest hit your back button or use this link.

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