On The Fly

On The Fly was a concept first introduced to me by DarkDiva, a very close friend, as a small segment between favorite characters who might otherwise not share a scene, or as you might find, not a scene in the way you might first think.*vbg*

More will be added as time goes on, but for now, enjoy the brief bits of inspired writing. Also, I've kindly left the address of DarkDiva's site where a huge assortment of OTF shorts can be found.

There is a warning though. Do NOT read any of the OTFs that are located here or at DarkDiva's site without a nice cool drink nearby. You might find you'll need it.*vbg*


Scribbletations Interruptus

If I Ain't Got You

The Pen and The Sword

Back to the Start

Wicked Game

I Accept
A sequel to the postcard The Invitation

Find my baby

Do Us Part

Other things

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