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Do you have a page about an animal? Is it child appropriate? Well if your answer is YES to both of these questions then this is the place for you! So come and join, but first you need to Submit your site to the queue. Which is your first step in making it into this ring.
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Before you leave to explore the ring, please sign my guest book, and forum (where you can give your opinion on this ring, animals, or anything having to do with animals). These options are located near the bottom of this page. Enjoy!! After you have added your site to our ring, consider going to the following links to find out how you can benefit from what they provide.
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If you are ready to start surfing all of our fantastic pages, have fun!! Also this is what your logo will look like (below the image that says now go explore the ring).
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If you are in the Animal Site Ring please make sure that you put the HTML fragmenton your page. Please just fill the text in Red with the information that you got from the E-mail sent to you, when you added your site to the queue. If you have not yet submitted your site to the queue please go
here only if your site is Animal Related and child appropriate.
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