Green Lemons

The cook's and confectioner's dictionary. By John Nott. 1723. To make Savory Biskets; Beef Cullis; Burnt Cream
The compleat city and country cook. By Charles Carter. 1732 Minc'd Pyes
The whole duty of a woman. 1737 Pistachoe Cream au Bain Marie; Venison in Ragoo; To boil Shads; A Loin of Veal ragoo'd; Vine Leaf Fritters; Cream Croquant
The house-keeper's pocket-book. By Sarah Harrison. 1739 Mince Pyes
English housewifry. By Elizabeth Moxon. 1764 Minc'd Pies; Calf's Head Pie; Calf's Foot Pie
The art of cookery made plain and easy. By Hannah Glasse. 1784 Vine-Leaf Fritters

The complete confectioner. By Hannah Glasse. 1800 Cream Tart; Chocolate Tart; Pistachio Tart; Fritters in the Italian Fashion; Fritters in the English Fashion
The New-England Cookery By Emerson, Lucy. 1808 Apple Pudding
Domestic Economy, and Cookery. By Lady. 1827 Pate Royale
Mackenzie's Five Thousand Receipts . 1829 Hair powder perfume; Amergris perfume
The cook's dictionary, and house-keeper's directory. By Richard Dolby. 1830 Apple Fritters
The Cook's Own Book, and Housekeeper's Register. By N. K. M. Lee 1832 Biscuits, St. Cloud; Apple Fritters; Fanchonettes; Wine (Madeira) Sauce; Biscuits, Light
The city of the sultan and domestic manners of the Turks, in 1836. By Julia Pardoe. Sherbet
The Friend of Australia. By Thomas J. Maslen. 1836 'nimboo or lime - a species of green lemon, India'
The Good Housekeeper By Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. 1839 Rich Mince Meat
Directions for Cookery. By Leslie, Eliza. 1840 green lemons or limes
Directions for Cookery. By Leslie, Eliza. 1840 You may green lemons
The practical cook, English and foreign, by J. Bregion. 1845 Rice Cream
French domestic cookery. Louis Eustache Audot. 1846 Pine Apple Jelly; Pain Perdu
Hotel Keepers, Head Waiters, and Housekeepers' Guide. By Campbell, Tunis. 1848 To make Minced Pies
Domestic Cookery By Lea, Elizabeth E. 1851 Green Lemons.
Murray's modern cookery book. Modern domestic cookery. 1851 Apple Charlotte, Charlotte de Pommes
Table observances: including the arrangement of the table. 1854 Beignets. The same, Souffles
An Encyclopędia of Domestic Economy. By Thomas Webster. 1855 Spirit of Ambergris
Tib's Tit-bits. By Jane Hood. 1869 Cake a la Duchesse
Dixie cookery; or, How I managed my table for twelve years. By Maria Massey Barringer. 1867 to preserve Green Lemon
Young Housewife's Counsellor and Friend. By Mary Ann Bryan Mason. 1871 Rock Custard
The Popular Science Monthly. 1879 'it rarely can be here'
Tested recipe cook book. 1895 Green Lemon Preserves

The Times Cook Book, No. 2 By Los Angeles Times. 1905 Greenland Salad

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