TO MAKE SAUSAGE MEAT. Chop two pounds of lean with one of fat pork very fine--mix with this meat five teaspoonfuls of salt, seven of powdered sage, two of black pepper and one of cloves.--You can add a little rosemary, if you like it. Mrs. S. J. Hale. The Good Housekeeper. Boston: 1839

Very Fine Sausage - Having removed the skin, & etc. from a nice, tender part of fresh pork, beat it exceedingly fine, with one-fourth its weight of the leaf fat. Prepare some sage leaves, by drying and rubbing them through a sifter, season the meat highly with the sage, salt, cayenne, mace, powdered rosemary, grated nutmeg, and lemon. Work it with your hand till it is very well incorporated, making it a little moist with water. Stuff it into skins, which have been neatly prepared, and soaked in vinegar and water for a few hours; hang them up, and smoke them, and when you make use of them, cut them into links, and stew, fry or broil them. Serve them up on small toast, and pour a few spoonfuls of melted butter around them. Lettice Bryan. The Kentucky Housewife. Cincinnati: 1839

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