Rations and Rationing Recipes

U.S. Army Center of Military History website
Colonial wars and Revolutionary War

Valley Forge Commissariat 1777-78
Articles on the Continental Army and food
Valley Forge. Dirt mound insulated the cast iron bake-oven
Supplying Washington's Army by Erna Risch
Earthen Camp Kitchens
USS Constitution. Camboose - cooking stove
Diet and Recipes of the Royal Navy
Victualling Warehouse. Annapolis, MD

War of 1812 and Napoleonic Wars

Messing Arrangements of the British Army during the War of 1812
Diet and Food Preparation for the British Army during the War of 1812
Georgian Recipes - 1714-1830, Royal Navy
Nelson and his Navy - Diet and Victualling
Nelson and his Navy - Maggots and Weevils - ships biscuit
Nelson and his Navy - Cheese and the Navy
Nelson and his Navy - Grog Conundrum
Nelson and his Navy - Naval Toasts for each day of the week
Nelson and his Navy - Scurvy
Ships biscuits. Royal Naval Museum
Biscuit Manufacturers
Ships biscuit. 1784
Royal William Victualling Yard. Plymouth, UK
Royal Clarence Victualling Yard. Portsmouth, UK
French Revolution foods
Napoleon web page. Recipes, some from old cookbooks
The Pemmican War, 1814, Canada

Civil War

Confederate Receipt Book. A Compilation of over One Hundred Receipts, Adapted to the Times. Richmond. 1863
Recipes and helpful hints from Civil War newspapers
Confederate Coffee Substitutes from newspapers
Confederate Tea Substitutes from newspapers
Civil War Recipes - 1860-1865. Cake Recipes from Godey's Lady's Book, 1860
Civil War Recipes - 1860-1865: CWi
Civil War Recipes - 1860-1865: Mason-Dixon Line
Civil War Recipes - 1860-1865: The Civil War Zone
Cooking during the Civil War
Civil War food
Union Rations between 1861 and 1865
Confederate Senate Bill, No. 51.
Of Civil Seders in the Civil War[passover]
Scott, Henry. Military dictionary. 1861 recipes
WWI and WWII links page

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