Memorial Day: Rations and rationing recipes

World War 1

Manual for Army Cooks. 1896
War Time Cook and Health, Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., 1912
Best War Time Recipes, Royal Baking Powder Co., 1917
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The Doughboy Cookbook
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Food Production and Conservation in North Carolina
The Quest of Food Substitutes
ANZAC biscuits recipe and story
WWI Recipes
Baking Bread in the World War I Army
Wheatless Wednesdays

World War II

1944 Army Kitchen Truck
A 1944 Seabee Thanksgiving
The Food Situation in the European Theatre of Operations. 1944
The Victory Home: a WWII Home Front Reference Library - LINKS
Food will win the war -- and shape the peace that follows
Camp Harmony [Japanese detention center in Washington] Food
Black Bread. POW bread in Germany
Ration Book
Norman Rockwell painting of 1944 Ration Board
WW II War Ration Books US
History of Rations. US Quartermaster School. 1949
New Rumford Sugarless Recipes

War Time Rationing in Britain
Rationing info WWII UK
BBC - Children of World War 2 - Rationing Challenge
Food Rationing in World War 2. UK
Sainsbury's and Rationing. UK
Rationing Challenge. UK
Wartime Britain - the Vegetarian
UK Ministry of Food Newspaper articles. Food Facts series recipes
Food fighters. Australian Army

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