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Topics lists of past taped talks and upcoming ones in separate posts: African American // Beverages // Bread, flour, salt, horno // British // Chinese // Chocolate // Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Fish // Gardens, Farms // Hearth cooking, ovens // Holiday Christmas // Holiday Easter Eggs // Holidays Nv,Dec // Ice Harvesting // Indigenous // Irish // Italian // Jewish // Maple Sugar // Medical // Medieval foods, gardens // Rationing // Scotland // Tea and Prohibition

JULY EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
108 / 83 start of month

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Ice Cream month – Past posts HERE Upcoming talks: July 19 & 20
17 Freezing Pots, Sorbetieres, Ice Cream Makers & Freezers from 1751 to 1916 HERE

Picnic posts – 1530s-21st; Ruined picnics 1830s. HERE Upcoming talks July 6 & 17

>> tapes checked to 15th

Jul 1 Thu 1 Historic Recipe Road Shows: Sharing Family Recipes. Kevin Davis, Bruce Kraig, and Deb Lorentsen. Culinary Historians of Northern Illinois. Ellwood House Museum HERE

Jul 1 Thu 2 North and South, Victorian heritage in our pubs. Paul Ainsworth. The Victorian Society £5.74+ HERE

Jul 1 Thu 2 Discover the Eight Great Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine. “many different regional styles of cuisine …. Historically, however, eight regional cuisines have been consistently earmarked as the best.” TanSuo Cultural Travel HERE

Jul 1 Thu 7 Born in the USA. “celebrate Independence Day as we explore the regional classic cocktails of America, from New Orleans to Kentucky to California and beyond.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Jul 1 Thu 7-8:30 Virtual Baking Workshop: Mini Pavlovas.“Australian/New Zealand classic made up of a light and marshmallowy meringue base topped with curd or pastry cream and fresh berries.” Red Poppy Cakery $22 HERE

Jul 2 Fri 10:30 AM Table Settings: A History. Steven Moore. The English Manner £28.62 HERE

Jul 2 Fri 5 The Italian Aperitivo: From Classic Vermouth to the Modern Spritz. Rachel Erdman. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Jul 3 Sat 1 Cacio e Pepe, a Roman Classic (cheese and pepper pasta), “ancient Roman cuisine as pecorino romano cheese was the cheese that nourished the Roman legions.” cooking class. Gina Tringali. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Jul 3 Sat 9:30-11:30pm Spicing it up! India “Learn about the 5 essential spices.” 4 recipes. Nalini Mehta. Route To India $39 HERE

Jul 4 Sun 12 Southeast Asian Food and Culture through Raya and the Last Dragon (Disney). “different dishes that appeared in the movie but exist in the Southeast Asian countries in different forms…make five-tasted soup made with fresh herbs that appeared in the movie.” Explore Culture. info, recipe HERE TAPE may be/not likely HERE

Jul 5 Mon 1:30 Making Meadows: Restoring Vital Habitat at Bowber Head Farm. “some of the last 900 hectares of northern hay meadow in existence.” Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Donation HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 5 Mon 5:30-7 Ethiopian & Eritrean Shiro Wat and Injera. “shiro wat, a sauce recipe based on chickpea flour, and she’ll demo how she makes her fabulous injera, the fermented flatbread.” Mulu Tewelde. City Market Classes & Events HERE

Jul 6 Tue 12 Walisischer Kochabend: Welsh Cook-Along and Cocktails. Nerys Howell and Sian Roberts. “Wales in Germany 2021” Welsh Government. HERE

Jul 6 Tue 1 Virtual Italian Barista and Coffee Workshop from Florence. Curious Appetite Travel $30 HERE

Jul 6 Tue 1-2:30 Madrid: A culinary History. author María Paz Moreno. Instituto Cervantes Manchester and Leeds HERE TAPE recorded 2018 HERE

Jul 6 Tue 6:30 History of the Picnic. “Renaissance with Queen Elizabeth I’s hunting picnics. … Gilded Age, which include the exploits of celebrated Newport bon vivant Ward McCallister… present-day innovations in picnic food and supplies.” Francine Segan. AARP HERE cancelled

Jul 7 Wed 7:30AM-2:15 New Voices and Global Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Periodicals. 7:45-8:45 Using databases and datasets for periodical research. More. Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies. Manchester Metropolitan U On HERE

Jul 7 Wed 2 This Is Your Mind On Plants. “three very different plants from which we derive opium, caffeine and mescaline, and what they can do for us.” author Michael Pollan, Monty Don. 5x15 £0 – £22.15 HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 7 Wed 2-5 Beer By Design. The Art of good beer branding. “Bass became the UK’s first registered trade mark” to modern labels. Author Pete Brown. PeteBrown £3.50 HERE

Jul 7 Wed 5 When in the Renaissance, eat as the artists ate. Botticelli, Caravaggio, Brunelleschi Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Pontormo. In Florence. Curious Appetite Travel $30 HERE

Jul 7 Wed 8 All about Okra with Chris Smith author of The Whole Okra. Slow Food St. Louis $15 HERE

Jul 8 Thur 1 Love in a Wetter Climate. Potatoes …”disease late blight spreads best in wet conditions… explore the past and future of one of our most popular foods in the context of a wetter and less predictable climate.” Dr Ingo Hein. Royal Botanic Garden. HERE

Jul 8 Thu 5 From Monasteries to Oktoberfest: The History of Bavaria's Beers. Tom Mills. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Jul 8 Thur 7:30-9 History of Food Brands Founded in DFW! Dallas Ft Worth. Fletcher’s Corny Dogs and Renfro Foods. Amber Fletcher, Doug Renfro. Dallas Historical Society HERE TAPE may be HERE. Facebook video TAPE HERE

Jul 8 Thu 9-10:30pm Virtual Time Travel Pub Crawl: Tiki Bars from History. Mysterious Chicago. Donation HERE

July 9-11 thro July Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2021 subject of Food & Imagination. Signup £80 HERE

Jul 9 Fri 11-1 The Brief Story of Wine with Wine Tasting. “From the kwevris of Georgia in 5,000 B.C., the symposia in ancient Greece, the thermopolia of Pompeii, the hospices of Europe, to the dining tables of fine society wine has been ever present. Drawings, paintings, engravings, buildings, pottery and wine labels.” David Wright. The Arts Society East Surrey Area. £5.98 HERE

July 9 Fri 12 The Chinese Kitchen Garden: How Do You Prepare That?! “how to prepare a variety of Asian vegetables for cooking and explains how to use them traditionally and in your own recipes.” Wendy Kiang-Spray. US Botanic Garden. HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 9 Fri 12-2 Food on the Move! Food deliveries. Alex Colas, Dr Ronald Ranta, Foodstuff, EatGrounded. University of Warwick (Food Cultures Series) HERE

Jul 9 Fri 7 Cherry Season. “Cheery Heering, Maraschino, and Kirsch.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

July 9 Fri 8-9:30pm The Sweet and Stimulating History of Sugar and Coffee in Brooklyn. Lucie Levine. New York Adventure Club $10 week replay HERE

Jul 10 Sat 9:30-12:30 Wine 101. Center for Wine and Spirit HERE

Jul 10 Sat 12-1:30 Live with Locals: The Spanish Paella Experience. Meadows Museum HERE

Jul 10 Sat 12-2 Saffron School. “deep, complex and messy history of saffron… what to look for in good saffron, how to weed out the fakes… make a traditional Kashmiri saffron tea called Kahwa.” Sana Javeri Kadri & Raqib Mushtaq. Diaspora Co. Donation HERE

Jul 10 Sat 1pm Rhone Valley and the History of Wine. Audrey Domenach. Tech Taste. CHF21.49 HERE

Jul 10 Sat 1:30-3:30 Yogurt: A food fad trending for Millennia, author June Hersh. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 10 Sat 1:30-3 The History of the Brown Derby. Hollywood restaurant. April Clemmer $20 HERE

Jul 10 Sat 2 The History and Rituals of Afternoon Tea. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Powhatan County Public Library VA HERE

Jul 10 Sat 3-3:30 World Rum Day. Mojito Time! “All rums start from sugarcane, and then the branch spreads into molasses rum, fresh sugarcane distillate rum (rhum), rum matured in oak casks, rum aged in steel tanks, column still vs pot still rums, rums finished in Madeira casks…” Horseations. HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 12 Mon 6-8 History of Urban Community Gardens. “the historical context of urban gardening efforts, and how urban community gardens have been used as spaces for advocacy.” Erin Turpin. 540WMain $30 HERE

Jul 12 Mon 8 Viennese Cuisine Prior to 1938. “contributions of Viennese Jews to the famous Viennese Cuisine” Susanne Belovari. Chicago Foodways Roundtable. Info and sound TAPE HERE Article online HERE

Jul 12 Mon 8 Column Still vs. Pot Still. Lia Niskanen. Steve Akley, Owner ABV Network, LLC. $40 HERE

Jul 13 Tue 1:30-3:30 The IncrEDIBLE RHS Collections at Lindley Library. “how the Society aimed to support and enrich the commercial growth of food in the UK through defining fruit varieties, funding plant collecting expeditions, collecting horticultural knowledge from both the past and the present.” The Thorney Island Society. £10 HERE TAPE HERE

July 13 Tue 7:30 The Culture & Infamy of Vermouth: Vermouth & Gin Culture. Natasha Bahrami, Julia Ritz Toffoli, Dr. Jessica Spector. Museum of Distilled Spirits $39 HERE

Jul 13 Tue 8 Betty Crocker and Her Cookbook That Changed How America Cooks. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District ILL HERE TAPE earlier HERE

Jul 13 Tue 10pm The Strangest Cooking Methods in the World. Richard Foss. Los Angeles Public Library, West Los Angeles Branch HERE

Jul 14 Wed 8AM Handmade Brick - Ibstock Brick Swanage Factory. “producing products from the same quarry for over 150 years… how these wonderful products are created, what makes them unique, and how they have emerged from drawing board to site.” RIBA South/South East HERE

Jul 14 Wed 1 Women of the Durham Coalfield in the 19th Century. “collecting water, baking bread, making meals, shopping and more, alongside the routine of seeing men in and out to work….regularly had to pack up their homes, leave…” DigVentures HERE

Jul 14 Wed 2 The Gaza Kitchen: Food, Culture, Resistance and Life in Gaza. “rich history that shaped Gaza's flavors, cook a fantastic vegan dish, and discuss different aspects of life in Gaza. Gaza's cuisine is a richly intense…” authors Laila el-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt. XR Wordsmiths and Just World Books. Donation HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 14 Wed 7 Live from The Hot Shop with The Corning Museum of Glass. Troy Smythe and Curator of Ancient Glass, Katherine Larson. Exhibit: Fire and Vine: The Story of Glass and Wine. Atlas Obscura $20 HERE

Jul 15 Thu 12-1:30 Good Eats: A History of Food and Dining. Toronto, Canada. “rustic taverns of Muddy York to the foundations of baking empires, and from opulent department store restaurants to 24-hour diners.” Laura Carlson. Heritage Toronto HERE

Jul 15 Thu 9:30-11pm The Underrated Bourbons of Kentucky. w/ Whiskey Kit Tasting. Holly Seidewand. New York Adventure Club $10 HERE

Jul 16 Fri 1 Classic Gin elevated by Cambridge Distillery of William and Lucy Lowe. Waitrose & Partners Wine Tasting at Home. £10 HERE

Jul 16 Fri 1:30 The Mind-Altering Power of Plants. Caffeine (coffee, tea), morphine (opium poppy) and mescaline (peyote and San Pedro cactus). Michael Pollan. How To Academy. £16.09 HERE

Jul 17 Sat 5-7AM Jane Austen Picnic Experience. “historic recipes to recreate the tastes of Regency summers gone by… delicious pork or vegetarian raised pies, construct a beautiful Salamagundy salad dish, make some rout cakes … syllabub.” Paul Couchman. £22 – £29 HERE

Jul 17 Sat 3-4:30 1850s SF: Paris of the Pacific. “French quarter of San Francisco during the Gold Rush… City Planning, SF Infrastructure, Retail Industry and Restaurants.” Bruce Bennett. SF City Guides. Donation HERE

Jul 18 Sun 9 At the Present Time: Gender, class, politics, and the cookbook in Ireland. “Origins of the cookbook in Ireland and to some of recent publications by culinary historian Dorothy Cashman.” PhotoIreland Festival. Donation HERE TAPE HERE Website with stories, recipes, projects, more HERE

Jul 18 Sun 12:30 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. “agriculture, food and drinks, arts, music and dancing, and religious offerings.” Ragab E in Egypt. World Virtual Tours $9.99 HERE

Jul 18 Sun 2-5:30 Sofreh: Iranian Cuisine Through the Seasons. Hanif Sadr and Hoss Zare. This four-part foodways series. Diaspora Arts Connection $30 HERE

Jul 19 Mon 6 Cooking with the First Ladies: Jackie Kennedy. Sarah Morgan. National First Ladies’ Library HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 19-21 Mon-Wed 8:30AM-1 Global and Comparative Perspectives conference. “spatial dimensions of intoxicants and intoxication in the early modern world… cacao, caffeines, opiates, sugar, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals joined alcohols.” Intoxicating Spaces HERE

Jul 19 Mon 6 The Kitchen Philosopher: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Wrote the earliest kitchen manuscript in 17th cen Mexico. Maite Gómez-Rejón, ArtBites. La Plaze de Cultura y Artes CA HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 19 Mon 9 pm The History of Ice Cream in New York w/ DIY Ice Cream Making Demo. Meg Lynch from the Morris-Jumel Mansion. New York Adventure Club. $10 for week HERE

Jul 20 Tue 10-10:15 Food on a 19th Century Plantation. Historic Brattonsville and Culture & Heritage Museums HERE TAPE 15min HERE

Jul 20 Tue 10-10:40 Welcome to the Water System (ages 7-12) Summer Science Series. Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, Boston $4 HERE

Jul 20 Tue 6:30 Cool History: Ices, Gelato, Sorbet & More. Francine Segan. AARP HERE

Jul 20 Tue 6:45 How Prohibition shaped the Twenties. Allen Pietrobon. Smithsonian Associates. $25 HERE

Jul 20 Tue 7 Food Fads from the 50’s and 60’s. Leslie Goddard. Greenville Chautauqua HERE

Jul 21 Wed 5-7 AM Stinging nettles. A Sting in the Tale: how to make thread from stinging nettles. “used as food, dye & medicine … learn how to make your very own nettle thread.” Heritage Lincolnshire £11.37 HERE

Jul 21 Wed 5:30-7 AM Lecture: Murder, Power and … Pineapples? “recent excavations of pineries in the Lothians and Falkirk.” Doug Rocks-Macqueen. Museums & Galleries Edinburgh HERE

Jul 21 Wed 2-4 The Green Path: Foraging, Rewilding and Nature Connection. “edible past and present uses of wild plants.” Robin Harford. Association of Master Herbalists £22.15 HERE

Jul 21 Wed 2:30-4 From Tide to Table: The archaeology of oysters. “from Roman and medieval sites in Leicester and Coventry and will show how shells from inland sites can be used to investigate oyster exploitation and farming, trade links to the coast and changing patterns of consumption through time.” William Johnson. University of Leicester Archaeological Services HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 21 Wed 5:30-7 Food and Dining in New York's Gilded Age. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Jul 21 Wed 7 The History of Agriculture as Told by Barns. “Barns changed from the early English style, to Yankee style, to gambrel and then pole barns to accommodate the changing agriculture.” John C. Porter author of Preserving Old Barns: Preventing The Loss Of A Valuable Resource. Chesterfield Public Library NH HERE

Jul 21 Wed 7 Food Fight! “Beginning at the end of World War II, he’ll focus on watershed moments that radically changed how and what we eat.” Allen Pietrobon. Profs & Pints. $12 tape access HERE

Jul 21 Wed 7-9 Drinking Whisky in Japan: A Spirit Travel Series Part 2 Southern Japan. Kurt Maitland. Museum of Distilled Spirits $30 HERE

Jul 21 Wed 8 Chicago's Sweet Candy History. “Chicago produced one-third of the nation's candy.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Palatine Public Library. ILL HERE

Jul 22 Thu 1:30 Oyster Restoration in the UK: Restoring a forgotten ecosystem. Celine Gamble. London Natural History Society HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 22 Thu 6:30 The Great Stone Barn: A Virtual Tour. “Largest stone barn in US” 100 years. Jerry Grant. Shaker Museum NY $25 HERE

Jul 22 Thu 6:30-8 A Taste of Old Colony History. Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins. Old Colony History Museum HERE

Jul 22 Thur 7 Back of the House and Beyond: The Millionaire Household, 1900-1942. “cellars, bathrooms, kitchens, butler pantries, nurseries, and closets. Outside it examines garages, kennels, stables, gate lodges, and sporting facilities.” Jeff Groff of Winterthur. Chester County History Center. Donation HERE tape for attendees

Jul 23 Fri 9AM In Their Own Write: The Testimony of the Victorian English and Welsh Poor. 1834-c1900. New Poor Law “letters from paupers and other poor people…petitions, sworn statements and advocate letters …to investigate the lives of the poor.” Paul Carter. The National Archives UK HERE WEBSITE project HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jul 26-28 M-W 8:30-11AM The Matter of Silver: Substance, Surface, Shimmer, Trauma. Day 1 ‘Silver and power’ and ‘The Silver Moon’ panel talks. International Conference. University of York. British Academy HERE

Jul 26-30 M-F 9:30 Medieval Travel: Harlaxton. Numerous speakers. Harlaxton Medieval Symposium. 5 days for £15 HERE Full schedule HERE Weds: Inns

Jul 26-30 M-F 1-9 The Kneading Conference 2021. Maine Grain Alliance $50- HERE

Jul 26 Mon 6:45-8:15 Pleibol and Eat Well!: Latino Culinary Traditions and Américas’ Game. Part of Cooking Up History in collaboration with the National Museum of American History. Smithsonian Associates $20 HERE

Jul 27 Tue 8-9:30 AM Cultures, Politics and Histories of Vegan Practice. authors Dr Catherine Oliver, author Veganism, Archives, and Animals and Dr Eva Haifa Giraud author Veganism: Politics, Practice and Theory. Sheffield Animal Studies Research Center UK HERE

Jul 27 Tue 9-12AM The Matter of Silver: Substance, Surface, Shimmer, Trauma. ‘Deceptive reflections: silver objects and colonialism’ and ‘Scintillating Silver’ panel talks. International Conference. University of York. British Academy HERE

Jul 27 Tue 5:30 Paper-Keeping: Women, Family, and Knowledge Work in the Early Modern British World. Elizabeth Yale. Rare Book School at University of Virginia HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 27 Tue 5:30 Weather or Not: How Early Americans Recorded Their Climate in Almanacs. Dr. Joyce E. Chaplin. The Library Company of Philadelphia. $15 HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jul 27 Tue 7-9 Bricktales: Stories of the Brickyards from Haverstraw to Beacon at the turn of the 20th century. Rachel Whitlow, of the Haverstraw Brick Museum. Hudson River. NY Beacon Historical Society HERE TAPE HERE

Jl 27 Tue 7:30 The Secret History of Home Economics "women who pioneered and pursued the “revolutionary science of better living.” by Danielle Dreilinger. (pub 2021) Friendly City Books HERE TAPE C-SPAN May 2021 HERE

Jul 27 Tue 7:30-9pm Mrs. Dalgairns's 1829 Kitchen. “elements of Acadian, Indian, Mi'kmaq, and Scottish cuisine.” Mary F. Williamson, editor of Mrs Dalgairns's Kitchen: Rediscovering The Practice of Cookery (pub 2021); updated recipes demo’d by Elizabeth Baird. Culinary Historians of Canada. CA$19.10 HERE

Jul 28 Wed 8AM Wagashi - A Cultural Sweet Feast for the Eyes. “charms of this [confection] artistry unique to Japan by tracing its history while looking into the unique aesthetic principles, materials, and designs. She will also elaborate on its relationship with Japanese culture and literature.” Nakayama Keiko. The Japan Foundation no tape HERE

Jul 28 Wed 9-12AM The Matter of Silver: Substance, Surface, Shimmer, Trauma. ‘Rethinking Artisanal Knowledge’ panel talks. International Conference. University of York. British Academy HERE

Jul 28 Wed 12:30-2 Growing Autumn and Winter Vegetables. Paul Richens. Capital Growth. £11.19 HERE

Jul 28 Wed 8 Chicago Trib’s New Restaurant Critics Exposed! Meet Louisa Chu and Nick Kindelsperger. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPES HERE

Jul 29 Thur 1 Letters of WW2 - life for those behind the Iron Curtain and POWs in England. Sherwood Forest Trust HERE

Jul 29 Thu 1:30-3 Caring for the Poor & Vulnerable on Thorney Island. Westminster, London. “describing the social situation of the past and the establishment of the charity schools, hospitals, almshouses, social housing and children’s homes.” Mike Marriott. The Thorney Island Society. £10 HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 29 Thur 2 On Chinese Tea and the Tea Ceremony. TanSuo Cultural Travel HERE

Jl 29 Th 4 Sunbelt Spotlight: How Local Native Americans Used Plants. “food, medicine, tools, and materials to make clothing, kitchen tools, hunting equipment, regalia, toys, and adornments.” Southern Cal. Diana Lindsay. Sunbelt Publications, Inc. HERE TAPE HERE

Jul 30 Sat 2 Fort from Home Victorian Cooking: Chicken fricassee. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum $10- HERE

Jul 31 Sat 11 On Barbecue. Author John Shelton Reed, Robert Moss. McIntyre's Books HERE

Jul 31 Sat 1-2:30 Critical Recipes with Ana Núñez Rodríguez. “Cooking Potato stories is a multi-layered trans-local story that follows the routes and roots of the potato through the context of Galicia, Colombia, and The Netherlands” and Ireland. “archival images, articles, and [period] written stories from Irish history.” PhotoIreland Festival. Donation HERE TAPE HERE Website with stories, recipes, projects, more HERE

Jul 31 Sat 2-4 Secrets of the Kitchen with Safana. make the timeless dish Hurraq Esbo' A Country Called Syria HERE

AUGUST EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
110 / 77 start of month / all checked for tapes Se

***Please donate to the non-profits and support small businesses.***

Au 1 Sun 6AM Explore Bengali flavours from the streets of Kolkata, India. History, origins and make “Kolkata Egg Roll and serve up a fresh batch of Bengali-style Masala Chai (‘Tea’)” Fild £20 HERE

Au 1 Sun 3 From Camembert to Chèvre: An Exploration of French Cheese. Jennifer Greco. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Au 2 Mon 5 Appreciating Italian Cheese: From Burrata to Pecorino. Rachel Erdman. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Aug 3 Tue 11 & 2 Bison - One Stop Shopping. “children will learn how, from head to tail, every part of the bison was used-from tipis and clothing made from hides to soap from fat and tools made from bones…. food” Smithsonian American Indian Museum DC 30 min. every Tuesday HERE

Aug 3-24 Tue 1 History of Chocolate - A Hands On Adventure. Day 1 Maya, Aztecs. 2 Spain. 3 France. 4 Confections. History. 4 Tuesdays. Kids 9+ Curious Minds Unite HERE

Aug 3 Tue 3 So, That's How You Make Ice Cream: A Farm/Creamery Tour. Blackstone Library HERE

Aug 4 Wed 1:30 Slow Rise: A Bread-making Adventure. “Over the course of a year, Robert Penn learns how to plant, harvest, thresh and mill his own wheat, in order to bake bread for his family.” Messums Wiltshire £10 HERE Mr 9 2021 For 5X15 TAPE HERE

Aug 4 Wed 5:30-7 The Chocolate King: Life & Legacy of Milton S. Hershey. Tesa Burns, Archivist for Hershey Community Archives. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Aug 4 Wed 6:30 New Hampshire's Long Love-Hate Relationship with its Agricultural Fairs. First in 1722. Stephen Taylor NH Humanities. Derry Public Library HERE

Au 4 Wed 6:30-8:30 Puerto Rican Classics. “history of Puerto Rican culture and cuisine… make two traditional Puerto Rican dishes, Mofongo and Shrimp Empanadas.” Jerry. CocuSocial $19 HERE

Au 4 Wed 7-8:30 Foraging, Food, and Myth: Harvest Season. Felicity Roberts, Ryley Bucek. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Au 5 Thu 2-3:30 This is your mind on plants. “three plant drugs—opium, caffeine, and mescaline—and throws the fundamental strangeness, and arbitrariness, of our thinking about them into sharp relief.” Michael Pollan. The Royal Institution UK Donation HERE

Aug 5 Thu 6-7:15 Summer Bread Salads. “Italian panzanella using fresh corn, tomato wedges, leafy greens and toasted bread. Then, we’ll turn to fattoush, a Levantine chopped salad that makes tasty use of stale pita.” Matthew Card. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Aug 5 Thu 6:30 Dante’s Ravenna with Francine Segan 92Y $20 HERE

Au 5 Thu 6:45-8:15 Lena Richard’s New Orleans Cook Book: A Groundbreaking Story of Innovation and Resilience. 1939. Part of Cooking Up History in collaboration with the National Museum of American History. Smithsonian Associates $20 HERE

Au 6 Fri 1-1:45 Aperitivo masterclass with Malfy gin and Italicus liqueur. History of the Italian drink and recent popularity in London. Simon Hodgson. Corporate Events HERE

Au 6 Fri 2 Taverns in Early Connecticut. Natalie Belanger. Connecticut Historical Society. Donation $6 not taped HERE

Au 6 Fri 6-7:30 Traditional Dishes of Italy in Context. Dr. Elisa Modolo. Filitalia International. $15 HERE

Aug 7 Sat 1 A Culinary Saunter through Tuscany. Kate Bolton-Porciatti. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Au 7 Sat 1:30 Taste of Taiwan: Bubble Tea & Popcorn Chicken. Cultured Kids Cuisine age 6+ HERE

Au 7 Sat 2-3:30 Seasonal drinks with The Botanist, Cointreau and Disaronno. Botanist Gin of Scotland, French liqueur Cointreau (6th generation, since 1849) and “The Original Margarita cocktail and the story of its creator, Margaret Sames.” Italian liqueur Disaronno (over 500 years) history and make drinks. Corporate Events HERE

Au 7 Sat 3 Sailing to Cathay: Maritime Trade Routes to Asia Before and After the Arrival of the Europeans at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century. Andrew Singer. Chinese American Museum of Chicago. HERE TAPE HERE Current exhibit: Era of Opulence: Chinese Fine Dining (through 9/26/2021) HERE

Au 8 Sun 11 The Water of Rome: From Ancient Aqueducts to Baroque Fountains. “first aqueduct was built in 312 BC and was completely underground; however, in order to bring water from far distances and to cross valleys, the conduits were later carried on bridgeworks, an incredible row of masonry built arches.” Dr. Dimosthenis Kosmopoulos. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Au 8 Sun 3-4:30 Writers/Cultures: Salt Rising Breads from around the world. Jenny Bardwell and Ken Fornataro. Cultures.Group HERE

Au 8 Sun 3 The Power of the Sun Was Extremely Apparent: Washing in the 18th Century. Anna Elizabeth Kiefer. Newlin Grist Mill. PA HERE TAPE HERE

Au 8 Sun 3-6 African Food Event. “Ghana's most popular street food waakye…” Aduanep_AB HERE

Au 9-13 Transatlantic Slavery Symposium. Monticello, Mount Vernon and Benjamin Franklin House in London Schedule HERE Register HERE TAPE HERE and HERE and more

Au 9 Mon 5-6:30 Boston Tea Party: Globalization and the American Revolution. “devised to reduce tea smuggling within the British Empire and boost the sales of tea legally imported to the American colonies by the East India Company, a mega-corporation…” Dr. Richard Bell. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Aug 9 Mon 7 The History of Agriculture as Told by Barns. “Barns changed from the early English style, to Yankee style, to gambrel and then pole barns to accommodate the changing agriculture.” John C. Porter author of Preserving Old Barns: Preventing The Loss Of A Valuable Resource. NH Humanities. Washington Historical Society HERE

Au 10 Tue 12 Chocolate Box Painter or Country Rebel? The artist John Constable “embarked on a journey to create unique, deeply personal images of the countryside round his boyhood home … with his native Suffolk that the area is often referred to as “Constable country.” Stella Grace Lyons Art History Lectures and Tours £9.21 UK HERE

Aug 10 Tue 1 History of Chocolate - A Hands On Adventure. Day 1 Maya, Aztecs. 2 Spain. 3 France. 4 Confections. History. 4 Tuesdays. Kids 9+ Curious Minds Unite HERE

Au 10 Tue 1-2:30 Speakeasies of NYC: A Tale of Crime, Creativity, and Celebration. Sylvia Laudien-Meo. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Au 10 Tue 2 Tree Dispensary: The Uses, History & Herbalism of European Trees. “cultivation, cookery, foraging, crafts, history, botany, medicinal use and mythology of trees.” Christina Stapley the author of The Tree Dispensary. Association of Master Herbalists. HERE

Au 10 Tue 3 Bourbon Justice: How Whiskey Law Shaped America. “real history of Kentucky’s famous spirit by using only historic lawsuits between the early distillers.” author Brian Haara. HERE TAPE 2019 HERE

Aug 10 Tue 7 Ordinary Poison: Quack Medicine, Fashion Victims & Good Intentions Gone Bad. Jennifer Green. “From arsenic in your wallpaper, radium in your face cream, and cocaine in your soda, discover the ways that everyday objects and habits were actually wreaking havoc with our health.” Chester County History Center. Donation HERE

Au 11 Wed 3:30 Taste of Japan: Sushi. Cultured Kids Cuisine age 6+ HERE

Au 11 Wed 6:30-8 Chocolate in the Military. since 1700s. Dave Borghesani of Mars Wrigley. New-York Historical Society $20 HERE. from Oct 2020 TAPE HERE

Au 11 Wed 7 Tenement Kitchens 19th & 20th cen. virtual tour. Tenement Museum NYC. You tube live for 24 hours HERE

Aug 12 Thu 10AM The history and rituals of afternoon tea. “Jam then cream, or cream then jam? When do you serve tea in a silver tea pot rather than a china pot?” The English Manner HERE

Au 12 Thur 2-2:30 A nice cup of tea: a history of tea drinking. “tea trade; the ships that carried the goods that were being exchanged and the knock-on effect this trade had throughout the world. And… high tea“ UK Tours Online. £11.37 HERE

Au 12 Thu 5 Dinner with Socrates: Feasting in Ancient Greece. Francine Segan. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Aug 12 Thur 5:30 The Underground Cocktail Lounges and Nightclubs of 1920s London. Lucy Jane Santos New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Au 12 Thur 6 Summer Vegetable Series: Peppers. “history, cultivation, uses, and preservation…” UGA Extension Fulton County GA HERE

Au 12 Thu 6-7:15 Southern Sweet and Savory. “two Southern classics: whole roast chicken and pound cake… benne’s rich history and the joy of sourcing sumac.” Matthew Raiford author of Bress ‘n’ Nyam: Gullah Geechee Recipes from a Sixth-Generation Farmer. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School. $24.95 HERE

Aug 12 Thu 6 Mastering the Art of Pho. “art of Vietnam’s national homemade pho… iconic dish's origins, its healthful benefits, and how to make and serve pho. Tony Vu. Grand Rapids Public Library HERE TAPE HERE

Au 12 Th 7 Food History and Family Memory. “recipe books of Catherine Beck Van Cortlandt… family’s recipes embodied the self-generated Dutch-American cultural identity of the long Hudson River Valley.” Sara Evenson. Brookside Museum $6 HERE TAPE HERE

Aug 13 Fri 4:30-6AM Indigenous Food and Agriculture. The Royal Society of Victoria, Australia HERE

Aug 13 Fri 5-7 AM Stinging nettles. A Sting in the Tale: how to make thread from stinging nettles. “used as food, dye & medicine … learn how to make your very own nettle thread.” Heritage Lincolnshire £11.37 HERE

Au 13 Fri 8:30AM History of Chocolate: from its beginnings to your midday snack! “highlighting the material culture and archaeology that has helped us understand the history and stories.” Ethnic Minority, Career in Museums and Built Environment Heritage Programme. UK HERE //

Aug 13 Fri 9 AM In Their Own Write: Punishing the Victorian Pauper Complainer. The National Archives UK HERE WEBSITE project HERE TAPE may be HERE

Au 13 Fri 6 A Conversation with Marcus Samuelsson. Author of The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food: A Cookbook. Authors Night with East Hampton Library $20 HERE

Au 13 Fri 7:30-8:30 Food Tour around Poland with 6-course Plant Based Meal Delivery. LivingveggiebyAnia. $16.80- HERE

Aug 14 Sat 1:30 Sushi History: Sushi Before Sushi, Umami Before Umami: The Hidden (Fermented) History of Japanese Food. “much different recipe 1,200 years ago when it was first mentioned in Japanese records. The likely derivation of “sushi” is “something sour” indicating that it was a fermented food.” Eric C. Rath. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Au 14 Sat 3-3:30 Tiki Time! Horseations Free Course #8. World Mai Tai day Aug 30. Rum. History of drinks, art, make a Mai Tai. Horesations HERE TAPE HERE

Au 14 Sat 3:30 Academy Conversation: Insects in Decline. “rely on them for … coffee (pollinators) to red dye in fabric and food (scale insects) to recycling (decomposers). But two frightening trends are occurring: increased global temps and decreased insect populations. Tanya Dapkey. The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel U. PA HERE TAPE HERE

Aug 15 Sun 2-3:30 French Cheese Fundamentals - The Basics. Jennifer Greco $27 HERE

Au 15 Sun 3:30 Taste of Vietnam: Bánh Mì. Cultured Kids Cuisine age 6+ HERE

Au 15 Sun 5 Georg Jensen: Scandinavian Designer of Jewelry, Flatware, [hollowware] and more. “themes and patterns that define the handles and bodies of his tableware … botanical as well as geometric motifs that adorn necklaces…” Dr. Jennie Hirsh. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Au 15 Sun 8:30pm Indigenous Bush Food Talk. “Learn about the Kakadu Plum and some other bush foods and the challenges to increasing Indigenous participation in the commercial bushfood industry.” City of Ryde, Australia HERE //

Au 16 Mon 8-8:20 AM Sourdough: Dispelling the myths and mystery in plain English. Sharon Roberts reads from her 3 best selling series of ebooks. Learn Sourdough. HERE Download books HERE //

Au 17 Tue 10-10:15 18th Century Cooking, Carolina Backcountry. Culture & Heritage Museums and Historic Brattonsville SC HERE or Youtube TAPE HERE

Aug 17 Tue 1 History of Chocolate - A Hands On Adventure. Day 1 Maya, Aztecs. 2 Spain. 3 France. 4 Confections. History. 4 Tuesdays. Kids 9+ Curious Minds Unite HERE

Au 17 Tue 6 Republic of Detours: How the New Deal Paid Broke Writers to Rediscover America. WPA “gathering reams of folklore, narratives of formerly enslaved people, and even recipes.” author Scott Borchert. New England Historic Genealogical Society HERE TAPE HERE

Au 17 Tue 6 Etiquette of the Brahmin Summer. “rituals, pastimes, and domesticity of the Gibson family” in their summer homes. Robert B. Dimmick. The Gibson House $12 HERE

Au 17 Tue 6:30 Pasta Lover’s Tour of Italy. Francine Segan. AARP, not have to be member. HERE

Au 18 Wed 12-12:45 Homegrown Foodways in West Virginia series: Foraging and Relations with Jonathan Hall. Film. Ramps. Library of Congress. Info and TAPE HERE

Au 18 Wed 7-9 Drinking Whisky in Japan: A Spirit Travel Series Northern Japan. Kurt Maitland. Museum of Distilled Spirits $30 HERE

Au 19 Thur 11:30 The Role of Insect Eating in Human Diets, Past and Present. Dr. Julie Lesnik. Smithsonian Natural History Museum. DC HERE. TAPE HERE

Au 19 Thur 6:30-8:30 The History of Scotch Whisky. “origins of spirit, its eventual arrival into Scotland and how the process was refined… fight against government and taxmen; halcyon days and the dark days; its global reach…” David McNicoll. Brooklyn Brainery. $7 HERE

Au 20-21 Fri-S 5pm Saskatoon Folkfest. Food, music, culture from Bangladesh, Central America & Mexico, Chinese, Francophone, German, Greek, Hungarian, India, Irish, Nepal, Philippines, Scottish, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Ukrainian Karpaty. Saskatchewan Canada HERE

Au 20 Fri 1:30 Wheat’s Importance to the World. 3 webinars. Wheat! An Exploration of Cultural Expression. USDA National Agricultural Library HERE. NAL TAPE may be HERE

Au 20 Fri 8-9:30 The Sweet and Stimulating History of Sugar and Coffee in Brooklyn. “Coffee King John Arbuckle and Sugar King Henry Osborne Havemeyer… 86% of the nation’s coffee and 98% of its sugar were roasted and refined in Brooklyn.” New York Adventure Club. $10 tape for week HERE

Au 21 Sat 11:30 Noah's Pudding, a Turkish Dessert. Atlantic Institute SC HERE. TAPE may be HERE

Au 21 Sat 1 Sicily, Italy's Top 10 Iconic Dishes. Michael Sampson. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Au 21 Sat 1:30 Taste of China: Fried Rice. Cultured Kids Cuisine age 6+ HERE

Au 21 Sat 5 What to Eat in Naples: A Culinary Saunter Along the Amalfi Coast. Francine Segan. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Au 22 Sun 1 Preserving Family Recipes: Writing a Culinary Memoir. Jennifer Cognard-Black. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Au 23 Mon 8-8:20 AM Sourdough: Dispelling the myths and mystery in plain English. Sharon Roberts reads from her 3 best selling series of ebooks. Learn Sourdough. HERE Download books HERE //

Au 23 Mon 6-7:30 Kutchi Kitchen. Chora Ja Bajia: black eyed peas; Mohogo: fried cassava; Mandazi: “African donut”. Migration Stories from East African Indians. SAADA South Asian American HERE //

Au 23 Mon 1-2:15 A Virtual Taste of Jerusalem's Famed Shuk: Machane Yehuda. “outdoor food market… It reflects the history of modern Jerusalem while providing food…” Joel Haber. Whizin Center for continuing Education. $25 HERE

Aug 24 Tue 9AM More than Just Buns: Dining Out with The Georgians. “dined out in pubs, French Ordinaries, and Confectioners. They ate all kinds of street food and had an almost insatiable appetite for buns.” Dr Peter Ross. Guildhall Library UK HERE

Au 24 Tue 9:30-10:45AM Everything But the Khale: The Jewish Mezze (and Forshpayz!) Table. “forshpayz ("before foods" in Yiddish) of Ashkenazi cuisine and the glorious mezze table of Sephardic cuisine.” Leah Koenig. “Explore Yiddish culture through food.” KlezKanada 2021 Cooking Class Series $20 HERE

Aug 24 Tue 1 History of Chocolate - A Hands On Adventure. Day 1 Maya, Aztecs. 2 Spain. 3 France. 4 Confections. History. 4 Tuesdays. Kids 9+ Curious Minds Unite HERE

Au 24 Tue 1 What's with Wheat? Sharon Roberts. Learn Sourdough HERE

Au 24 Tue 7 Jewish Flavor: Rosh Hashanah Feast. “traditional and contemporary recipes from around the Jewish world.“ Chef Vered Guttman. Sixth & I $12 HERE

Au 24 Tue 7 Betty Crocker and Her Cookbook That Changed How America Cooks. “2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Betty Crocker.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Somerset County Library System of New Jersey HERE

Au 24 Tue 7:30 Courtly and Highly Prized: Dutch Traders in the 17th Century Chesapeake. Dr. Christian Koot author of Empire at the Periphery: British Colonists, Anglo-Dutch Trade, and the Development of the British Atlantic, 1621-1713. Historic Annapolis $15 HERE

Au 24 Tue 8-10 When Sitting Bull Came to Dinner...An Immigrant Homesteader's Experience. “Sharon Hudgins… delves into her [Dell] family history and uncovers the documented life of the Dells on the last frontier in the 1800s.” Culinary Historians of Northern Illinois. In-person or via ZOOM $7 HERE

Au 25 Wed 9:30-10:45AM Kikhl: Plain and Fancy. Laurel Kratochvila. “Explore Yiddish culture through food.” KlezKanada 2021 Cooking Class Series $20 HERE

Aug 25 Wed 10:30AM A History of Royal Dining. “etiquette coach William Hanson and antiques expert Steven Moore as they discuss how royal dining has evolved… from the Middle Ages onwards with particular emphasis on the dinners given by George IV, Victoria and Elizabeth II” The English Manner £5.98 HERE

Au 25 Wed 3:30 Taste of Korea: Tteokbokki. Cultured Kids Cuisine age 6+ HERE

Au 25 Wed 7 Art, Industry, and Scientific Innovation in 19th Century Peekskill. “development and interrelationships of this community of manufacturers, innovators, inventors, artists and artisans that existed through the rise and fall of industrial Peekskill.” Cast iron stoves. Kirk Moldoff. Putnam History Museum $10 HERE

Au 25 Wed 8 Live from Taliesin, Eat Like a Planet. "future of food and give us a mini-tour of this national landmark [Frank Lloyd Wright’s home Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin] where she has created a work-study program for the estate’s garden and cafe. Odessa Piper. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPE may be HERE

Au 26 Thu 9:30-10:45AM Better Than Your Bubbe's: Kasha Varnishkes. “history of kashe varnitshkes, and share the techniques and recipe” Leah Koenig. “Explore Yiddish culture through food.” KlezKanada 2021 Cooking Class Series $20 HERE

Aug 26 Thur 10-11:30 Preserve at Home: Dehydrated Food. Eleanor Frederick, Ivelisse Colon. N.C. Cooperative Extension HERE

Au 26 Thu 12 BLS-Heirloom Tomato Varieties: Growing Them and Saving Their Seed. N.C. Cooperative HERE

Aug 26 Thur 6:30 The Negro Motorist Green Book in Western North Carolina. “Who were the people and places listed in the Green Book in this region of the state? What happened to these places after the Green Book ceased publication?” Lisa R. Withers. Swannanoa Valley Museum & History Center $12 HERE

Au 26 Thu 7 Cocktails Unmade: Sazerac. “the unlikely development of the official cocktail of New Orleans.” Tory Pratt. Atlas Obscura $20 HERE //

Aug 26 Thur 9PM Karabakh Galya. Karabakh cuisine is an integral part of traditional Azerbaijani national culinary culture. … open and closed hearths are used in Karabakh cuisine: tandir (oven made of clay in a hole in the earth), chala (pit), ojag (bonfire), saj (iron disk for baking bread), chargrill, bukhari (fire-place) and kura (furnace). Multicultural Cooking Class. Waverley Library. Australia HERE

Au 26 Thu 10-11:30pm Old Hollywood's nightspots Virtual Cocktail Hour with George Geary, author of L.A.'s Legendary Restaurants and this year Made in California [food, eateries] … “discuss food & drink menus of some of Old Hollywood's most legendary star haunts.“ April Clemmer of Old Hollywood Walking Tour $18 HERE

Au 27 Fri 9:30-10:45AM Potato Knishes: Good food to eat while walking. Knishtory and bake. Laurel Kratochvila. “Explore Yiddish culture through food.” KlezKanada 2021 Cooking Class Series $20 HERE

Au 27 Fri 1:30 Wheat in Global Cuisines. Rachel Laudan author of Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History, and others. 3 webinars. Wheat! An Exploration of Cultural Expression. USDA National Agricultural Library HERE. NAL TAPE may be HERE

Au 28 Sat 11-11:30 Summer Saturday – Food. Historic recipe. George Mason’s Gunston Hall VA HERE //

Au 28 Sat 4-5:30 Summer Escapes: Here's the Scoop. Ice cream. Sarah Wassberg Johnson. Archaeology Now HERE TAPE HERE

Au 29 Sun 5AM Royal Afternoon Tea Class. “history, etiquette and fun stories of afternoon tea.” Grant Harrold. The Royal Butler. £20 HERE

Au 29 Sun 10am Fruits and Spiced Round Challah for Rosh Hashana. Sephardi Culinary History. Dr. Hélène Jawhara-Piñer. American Sephardi Federation. HERE

Au 29 Sun 3:30 Taste of Japan: Fluffy Pancakes. Cultured Kids Cuisine age 6+ HERE

Au 31 Tue 1 Salt on the Screen. “A digital showcase of historic salt production in Lincolnshire.” UK Alexandra Leigh. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust HERE TAPE may be HERE Salt on the Screen: an informative digital showcase of historic salt production in Lincolnshire HERE Salt talks also Se 28

Au 31 Tue 2 The Story of Shippam's. “how a butcher’s business from Chichester went on to gain international fame for its potted meat and fish pastes.” Nichola Court. West Sussex Record Office. £5 HERE TAPE may be HERE Information HERE

Aug 31 Tue 7pm My Place at the Table: A Recipe for a Delicious Life in Paris. “memoir, a James Beard Award–winning writer, whose childhood idea of fine dining was Howard Johnson’s, tells how he became one of Paris’s most influential food critics.” Alexander Lobrano. The Westport Library HERE TAPE HERE

Sept 15 deadline for paper proposals. Dublin Gastronomy Symposium May 30-Je 1, 2022 theme: Food and Movement HERE

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