Bill Gaphardt's Home Page

  "Any ambitious group that hopes to hit the jackpot must invest 100 hours of practice behind closed doors for every hour it plays in public. It takes this kind of work and determination to blend the talents of four or five young rock musicians into a catchy new and different sound. And it's your own sound that you must strive for."
                          -- John Lennon

a very short lesson in bar chords...
F# F#sus4 F#7 F#minor F#minor7
B Bsus4 B7 Bminor Bminor7
major 7th
minor 7th

early bill

Bill writing another hit song on his Martin D18

Allen Stevenson (with Strat), Bill (with Tele & Les Paul) and Rick Spangler of Wave Bye Bye

Bill playing his '61 Les Paul/SG with DEaDWRonG

Rich Trueheart & Bill with his Pedulla Bass

Bill sitting in with Tobias Hurwitz with his PRS Custom 24


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