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       For established bushes, around the Ides of March (the 15th), mix into the soil one cup of 10-10-10. This all the granular fertilizer that I use throughout the growing season. The following weekly or bimonthly feeding program with which I have tremendous success utilizes Dr. Tommy Cairns' program. He is an internationally known eminent rosarian. I start the following program just as soon as new growth develops:

             WEEK 1: Rapid Gro (23-19-17) 1 Tbs per 1 gallon of water
             WEEK 2: Epsom Salt - 1/4 cup dissolved in 2 gallons of water
             WEEK 3: Fish Emulsion - 1 Tbs per 1 gallon of water
             WEEK 4: Green-Up (16-4-2) 1 Tbs per 2 gallons of water

In each week the recommended feeding is 2 gallons solution per bush. For miniatures these concentrations should be reduced by 50% or greater depending on the size of the bush. I apply only 1 gallon of solution per bush and I'm very satisfied with the results.

       For weeks 1,2,3, water heavily the day before feeding. For week 4, water heavily after the feeding.

       Week 1 - Rapid Gro: The high nitrogen content is needed to promote growth of stems, foliage and bloom. The high concentration of the other two primary nutrients are considered overkill since both travel very slowly in soil. However their incorporation seems to be effective in the long range planning of a balanced diet.

       Week 2 - Epsom Salts: Magnesium sulfate. Two vital roles: photosynthesis and soil fertility that enhances basal breaks (new shoots). Photosynthesis is the manufacturing of carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of chlorophyll using light energy and releasing oxygen.

       Week 3 - Fish Emulsion: The organic nature of this source of fertilizer is such that it delivers to the soil a natural decaying source of nitrogen along with other magic nutrients that give a certain sparkle to colors.

       Week 4 - Green-Up: The high nitrogen value is just what the soil wants after its fertility has been increased through the application of the Epsom salts. The deliberate incorporation of the essential micronutrients (iron, manganese and zinc) at trace levels are a calculated bonus. Green-Up includes a soil penetrant which ensures that the fertilizer reaches the root system even in poor soil conditions. Subsequent watering increases the soil penetration of applied fertilizers.

       Green-Up is available only on the West Coast.

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