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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Army Corps

United States Army

Second World War

The date is the year the basic design was approved. The theater in which the unit served is indicated.

Army Corps

First Corps Second Corps Third Corps Fourth Corps Fifth Corps
First 1922 Second 1919 Third 1918 Fourth 1918 Fifth 1918
Pacific Italy E.T.O. Italy E.T.O.
Sixth Corps Seventh Corps Seventh Corps Eighth Corps Ninth Corps
Sixth 1919 Seventh 1918 Seventh 1944 Eighth 1918 Ninth 1940
Italy E.T.O. E.T.O. E.T.O. E.T.O. Pacific
Xth Corps XIth Corps XIth Corps XIIth Corps XIIIth Corps
Xth 1942 XIth 1922 XIth 1942 XIIth 1923 XIIIth 1923
Pacific U.S. Pacific E.T.O. E.T.O.
XIVth Corps XVth Corps XVIth Corps XVIIIth Corps XIXth Corps
XIVth 1923 XVth 1943 XVIth 1944 XVIIIth 1944 (1) XIXth 1935
Pacific E.T.O. E.T.O. E.T.O. U.S.
XIXth Corps XIXth Corps XXth Corps XXIst Corps XXIInd Corps
XIXth 1944 XIXth 1944 XXth 1943 XXIst 1944 XXIInd 1944
U.S. E.T.O. E.T.O. E.T.O. E.T.O.
XXIIIrd Corps XXIVth Corps XXXIst Corps XXXIIrd Corps XXXVIth Corps
XXIIIth 1944 XXIVth 1944 XXXIst 1944 XXXIIIrd 1944 XXXVIth 1944
E.T.O. Pacific not activated (Phantom Corps) not activated (Phantom Corps) U.S.
Fourth Armored Corps
Fourth Armored 1940 (2)


  1. Became 18th Airborne Corps in August 1944.
  2. Inactivated in 1943 (became XX Corps). First-Fourth Armored Corps existed.

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