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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Phantom Divisions

U.S. Army

World War Two

A number of division insignia were created and patches manufactured for which no corresponding units were formed. In general units were created first and sugestions for the design of their shoulder sleeve insignia came from within their own ranks. In these cases the insignia all came into being in July and August 1944 by order of the Quartermaster General. It is believed that these insignia were a ploy to deny to the enemy the ability to estimate American reserves based on the existence of division insignia.

6th Airborne Division 9th Airborne Division 11th Division 14th Division 17th Division
6thAirborne 1944 9thAirborne 1944 11th 1944 14th 1944 17th 1944
18th Airborne Division 21st Airborne Division 22nd Division 46th Division 48th Division
18th Airborne 1944 21st 1944 22nd 1944 46th 1944 48th 1944
50th Division 55th Division 59th Division 108th Division 119th Division
50th 1944 55th 1944 59th 1944 108th 1944 119th 1944
130th Division 135th Airborne Division 141st Division 157th Division
130th 1944 135th Airborne 1944 141st 1944 157th 1944

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