Dolls That She Made Doll Images


Our Create-a-dolls (CAD) are 18 inch cloth dolls individually hand painted to create their very own personalities. They are available in light, medium, and dark skintones - with yarn or synthetic hair in a variety of styles.

They are usually displayed in just in their "bare essentials" while waiting for someone to come along and select the perfect outfit for them to wear. Just like our other dolls, each CAD doll is individually hand-crafted, so no two look alike! And because no two look alike, no create-a-doll artist will ever create the same doll.

How Create-a-doll works:

  • You choose the doll.
  • You select an outfit.
  • You dress the doll. create your very own special doll
that reflects the doll artist in you.

Each completed doll comes with a certificate of authenticity - proclaiming you as the brilliant doll artist that you are!

Create-a-dolls are currently only available at our dolls shows.