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Dolls that She Made™ are loveable cloth dolls created from the heart. The artists' love of dolls and her love for children have combined to create a soft, cuddly child-like doll with its own unique personality.

Danny with Doll

All the dolls are hand made by the artist herself and each uniquely designed. She wants her dolls to be enjoyed by children of all ages, but especially wants younger children to be able to have a doll that is soft, cuddly and beautiful. (These dolls are perfect bed time buddies for young children because they are so soft and cuddly.)

Dolls that She Made™ was started around 1998. The name was created by the son of the doll artist, who always referred to his mother's creations as those "dolls that she made". He also thought it would be a great name for the little doll company she was starting. His mother thought that since he had been more than patient to allow her to clutter their home with dolls and doll making "stuff", she would give him his wish and use the name for her dolls.

Cheryl has been creating cloth dolls for over 18 years, but has loved "all types " of dolls her whole life. She has designed 18" cloth play dolls, felt dolls, mixed-media dolls, soft-sculpture dolls and baby dolls which she's sold at art shows, galleries, craft fairs, and on the internet.

About Our Dolls

The dolls featured on this site range between 18 to 24 inches long, and some have slightly weighted bodies to give them a "real" baby feel. Special care is taken to create a unique personality for each doll. Their faces are individually hand-drawn and painted without the use of stencils. As the doll is constructed, the hair color and type is selected and an individual outfit is designed especially for that doll. That's also why no two dolls are alike.

All DTSM dolls have individually drawn and painted features. Their soft cloth bodies are perfect for children of all ages. Each baby doll is dressed in a costume designed especifically for them, with it's own play toy and a certificate of authenticity signed by the doll artist.

If you are interested in the dolls that are available, select Dolls.

* NOTE: Dolls with wig hair are not recommended for children under 8 years of age.