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Useful Links for American Veterans

If you have a useful Vet link email: Shenandoah

Vietnam Veterans of America ----The National Organization Site

The American Legion ----The American Legion National Headquarters

The Veterans of Foreign Wars ----The VFW Official Site

Project Hearts and Minds ----Non-Profit Organization- Aids Orphanages and Hospitals in Vietnam
------------------------------Many Viet-Vets work in this Organization

A Vietnam Veterans Memorial Search Site ----Find the locations of names on The Wall as well as pertinent information on
-----------------------------------------------each individual; branch of service, rank, home town, age, religion, etc.

Militaryusa Vets Data Base ----Search for a Vietnam Veteran! Provides name, rank, branch of service, --------------------------------and MOS. 2.7 million names. Also, other Vets Data; Desert Storm, Korea, Reunions.

VietNam era US Marine MOS Codes ----If you have other services' codes email Shenandoah

The Veterans' Administration Official Site ----The VA

Sgt Grit's Marine Catalog ----Marine Specialties--Patches, Decals, Swords, other necessary items, links to other Marine Sites,
------------------------------Bulletin Board

The Marine Corps Official Site ----No, we're not over it yet.

The US Army's Official Site ----US Army (Marines thank you for all that used equipment)

The US Navy's Official Page----The US Navy (Marines thank you for that wonderful naval gunfire)

The US Air Force Official Site ----US Air Force (Marines thank you for that wonderful air support)

The US Coast Guard Official Site ----US Coast Guard (Marines thank you for.....whatever)

Vietnam War Literary Links ----Presenting: fiction, truth, yarns, memoirs, tall tales, satire, history, etc

Doc's Military Graphics ----Doc Provided Some of the Graphics Here (Really Good Ones)

Myths vs Facts about The Vietnam War ---- Courtesy of the Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network

Noonie Fortin's Home Page ----Author and lecturer. First Sergeant (USAR, ret.). Author of "Memoroies of Maggie -
--------------------------------Martha Raye: A Legend Spanning Three Wars" and other books. Great Veteran's Links.

Bloodstripes -----An Outstanding Tribute Page for Members of All US Armed Forces, Relatives and Friends Pay Tribute ------------------to fallen loved ones.

The Korean War ----A comprehensive site covering all aspects of the Korean War.

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