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American Veterans

Fred Swisher

World War II Hero

Pratt, Kansas - December 7, 2001

Addendum: Fred Swisher, my father-in-law, was also on board the Warden, one ship in the flotilla protecting the Aircraft carrier Hornet on April 18, 1942, when Brigadier Gen. Jimmy Doolittle led a flight of 16 B-25 bombers on a daring raid over Japan. Fred says he distinctly remembers the announcement coming over the speakers informing the crew that they were 200 miles off the coast of Japan!

Correction: Fred told me recently that he had made a mistake in the newspaper article. He said that he was being interviewed by this "young fella" and trying to remember the events of sixty years ago - events which he rarely discussed with anyone. Fred said that it wasn't the Enterprise that had been torpedoed at the Battle of Midway, it was the Yorktown.

- Shenandoah

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