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Burralls Near and Far


Isaac Burrall Sr.
Isaac Burrall Jr.
Hettie Burrall
Malinda Burrall
John A. Burrall
Margaret Burrall
Jennie Burrall
Samuel Isaac Burrall
Jacob I. Burrall
Christiana Burrall
John William Burrall
David Anthony Burrall
Nora May Susan Burrall
Alverta Odessa Burrall
Walter Sheridan Burrall
Abraham Burrall
Jacobs Ladder
George William Burral Sr.
Janice's Sprouts-Janice Burral
Phyllis I. Burral
My Twigs-Phyllis Burral
James Garfield Burrall
Marguerite Burrall
Christiana Burrall ( Twin )

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