Weird Al meeting his biggest fan (me) after a November 14, 1999 performance at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC

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Well I guess it's pretty futile for me to create a page devoted to the greatest satirist ever to put out an album (or 10, no less!) but I figured, hay, what the heck. And I have no idea what I'm supposed to even put up here, so I'm just typing as I go....

A short biography:
Weird Al was born Alfred Matthew Yankovic on October 23, 1959, in Downey, California (which is near Lynwood; Al wasn't actually born in Lynwood, as most sources say). His parents wanted him to have an instrument to play, and couldn't decide what to get him. Then they found Frankie Yankovic, who played accordion, and figured that there should be at least two Yankovic accordionists in the world. (Al & Frankie did many duets together, and were good friends up until Frankie's death in 1998.) As a teen, Al was interrested in magazines like MAD, and soon found a radio program called the Dr. Demento Show (which is still syndicated nationally, it airs novelty tunes of all genres), and was hooked after listening once. He made tapes of himself in his bedroom and sent them in to the show, and Dr. Demento would play them. In 1979, while a dj at his college station (where he coined the nickname "Weird Al"), he wrote a parody of the Knack's "My Sharona" called "My Balogna" and recorded it in the men's bathroom (this early version can be found on the Permanent Record boxed set) and it was an instant smash. He got offered a record deal, but declined, wishing to continue his education, studying architecture. After he graduated, he did sign to Scotti Bros. Records, and it wasn't long before his cds were selling millions. His first record was released in 1983, and since then, he has been putting out cds by the masses. 1999 has produced another cd, on a different label (as well as a rerelease of all his previous cds), and we are happy once again.

Here is Weird Al's discography, complete with track listings:
Click here to see my revue of these cds and others!

"Weird Al" Yankovic
1.) Ricky
2.) Gotta Boogie
3.) I Love Rocky Road
4.) Buckingham Blues
5.) Happy Birthday
6.) Stop Draggin' My Car Around
7.) My Balogna
8.) The Check's In The Mail
9.) Another One Rides The Bus
10.) I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
11.) Such A Groovy Guy
12.) Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung

In 3D
1.) Eat It
2.) Midnight Star
3.) The Brady Bunch
4.) Buy Me A Condo
5.) I Lost On Jeopardy
6.) Polkas On 45
7.) Mr. Popeil
8.) King Of Suede
9.) That Boy Could Dance
10.) Theme From Rocky XIII
11.) Nature Trail To Hell

Dare To Be Stupid
1.) Like A Surgeon
2.) Dare To Be Stupid
3.) I Want A New Duck
4.) One More Minute
5.) Yoda
6.) George Of The Jungle
7.) Slime Creatures From Outer Space
8.) Girls Just Want To Have Lunch
9.) This Is The Life
10.) Cable TV
11.) Hooked On Polkas

Polka Party!
1.) Living With A Hernia
2.) Dog Eat Dog
3.) Addicted To Spuds
4.) One Of Those Days
5.) Polka Party!
6.) Here's Johnny
7.) Don't Wear Those Shoes
8.) Toothless People
9.) Good Enough For Now
10.) Christmas At Ground Zero

Even Worse
1.) Fat
2.) Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White
3.) (This Song's Just) Six Words Long
4.) You Make Me
5.) I Think I'm A Clone Now
6.) Lasagna
7.) Melanie
8.) Alimony
9.) Velvet Elvis
10.) Twister
11.) Good Old Days

Peter And The Wolf
1.) Peter And The Wolf
2.) Carnival Of The Animals--Part II

UHF-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack And Other Stuff
1.) Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
2.) Ghandi II
3.) Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars
4.) Isle Thing
5.) The Hot Rocks Polka
6.) UHF
7.) Let Me Be Your Hog
8.) She Drives Like Crazy
9.) Generic Blues
10.) Spatula City
11.) Fun Zone
12.) Spam
13.) The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota

Greatest Hits
1.) Fat
2.) Eat It
3.) Like a Surgeon
4.) Ricky
5.) Addicted to Spuds
6.) Living With a Hernia
7.) Dare to Be Stupid
8.) Lasagna
9.) I Lost on Jeopardy
10.) One More Minute

Off The Deep End
1.) Smells Like Nirvana
2.) Trigger Happy
3.) I Can't Watch This
4.) Polka Your Eyes Out
5.) I Was Only Kidding
6.) The White Stuff
7.) When I Was Your Age
8.) Taco Grande
9.) Airline Amy
10.) The Plumbing Song
11.) You Don't Love Me Anymore/Bite Me

The Food Album
1.) Fat
2.) Lasagna
3.) Addicted to Spuds
4.) I Love Rocky Road
5.) Spam
6.) Eat It
7.) The White Stuff
8.) My Bologna
9.) Taco Grande
10.) The Rye Or The Kaiser (Theme From Rocky XIII)

1.) Jurassic Park
2.) Young, Dumb & Ugly
3.) Bedrock Anthem
4.) Frank's 2000" TV
5.) Achy Breaky Song
6.) Traffic Jam
7.) Talk Soup
8.) Livin' In The Fridge
9.) She Never Told Me She Was A Mime
10.) Harvey The Wonder Hamster
11.) Waffle King
12.) Bohemian Polka

Permanent Record
1.) My Balogna (Capitol Records single version)
2.) Another One Rides the Bus
3.) Happy Birthday (Placebo E.P. version)
4.) I Love Rocky Road
5.) Ricky
6.) Polkas on 45
7.) Midnight Star
8.) Eat It
9.) Mr. Popeil
10.) I Lost on Jeopardy
11.) Buy Me a Condo
12.) King of Suede
13.) Yoda
14.) This Is the Life
15.) Like a Surgeon
16.) One More Minute
17.) I Want a New Duck
18.) Dare to Be Stupid
19.) Hooked on Polkas
20.) Addicted to Spuds
21.) Dog Eat Dog
22.) Here's Johnny
23.) Living With a Hernia
24.) Christmas at Ground Zero
25.) Lasagna
26.) Good Old Days
27.) Fat
28.) Melanie
29.) I Think I'm a Clone Now
30.) You Make Me
31.) Alimony
32.) UHF (single version)
33.) Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
34.) The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
35.) Spam
36.) Generic Blues
37.) Polka Your Eyes Out
38.) You Don't Love Me Anymore
39.) Smells Like Nirvana
40.) When I Was Your Age
41.) I Can't Watch This
42.) Trigger Happy
43.) Taco Grande
44.) Bedrock Anthem
45.) Harvey the Wonder Hamster
46.) Achy Breaky Song
47.) Livin' In the Fridge
48.) Frank's 2000" TV
49.) Jurassic Park
50.) Headline News

Greatest Hits Volume II
1.) Headline News
2.) Bedrock Anthem
3.) You Don't Love Me Anymore
4.) Smells Like Nirvana
5.) Achy Breaky Song
6.) UHF
7.) Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
8.) Jurassic Park
9.) This Is the Life
10.) Polka Your Eyes Out
11.) Yoda
12.) Christmas At Ground Zero

The TV Album
1.) The Brady Bunch
2.) I Lost on Jeopardy
3.) Here's Johnny
4.) Ricky
5.) Cable TV
6.) Bedrock Anthem
7.) Frank's 2000" TV
8.) Talk Soup
9.) I Can't Watch This
10.) UHF
11.) Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies

Bad Hair Day
1.) Amish Paradise
2.) Everything You Know Is Wrong
3.) Cavity Search
4.) Callin' In Sick
5.) The Alternative Polka
6.) Since You've Been Gone
7.) Gump
8.) So Sick Of You
9.) Syndicated, Inc.
10.) I Remember Larry
11.) Phony Calls
12.) The Night Santa Went Crazy

Running With Scissors
1.) The Saga Begins
2.) My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder
3.) Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
4.) The Weird Al Show Theme
5.) Jerry Springer
6.) Germs
7.) Polka Power!
8.) Your Horoscope For Today
9.) It's All About the Pentiums
10.) Truck Drivin' Song
11.) Grapefruit Diet
12.) Albuquerque

Weird Al also makes appearances in these films:
Naked Gun
Naked Gun 2 1/2
Naked Gun 33 1/3
Spy Hard
Safety Patrol

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And now.... without further ado....

Straight from Joe's 2000" Webpage webpage, the Turkeypage is PROUD to present.... the severed body parts list and the movie list. Enjoy! (personal note-- some of this will be updated better soon, such as the references to Joe as "me". Heh.)

You've heard about that T.V...

Joe's 2000 Inch Webpage

Hey there, thanks for coming to my humble little Weird Al page...there's lots more to come than what's just on here...there is actually no graphics or anything right now, but there will be, so bear with me!!! This page right now is almost like an apartment with no furniture in it, but there will be just as long as go out and get some.

Elvis, the infamous Al fan, has awebsite where he lists the lists out there about Weird Al. My lists are on that list, so go to his page, I guess it's almost like Graceland.

The Weird Al Lists

The Severed Body Parts List

The Weird Al Mailing List (You can subscribe at or or for info)inspired this list of severed human body parts, as seen in Weird Al stuff (movies, music videos and song lyrics)

So now, without further adeu, here's the list. The items are in alphabetical order. No one was injured in the making of this list. And if you're looking for the actual stuff that got cut off in these songs, they're in a bin in my backyard, so just help yourself...but it kind of

And E-mail me( if you're bored and if you need to contact me, but I really don't know why you'd want to do that...

 Here's the list...

Albuquerque (song lyrics)- Al cuts off a guy's arms and legs with a chainsaw! ("Do you need any help with that?" "No I want you to cut off my arms and legs with a chainsaw!!!" "So I Did")

ALmusic 2 and ALTV 1992- Al tries to imitate a video of a guy getting hit in the head with a big hammer and his head goes into a cartoon shape as it gets hit. So Al says," Wow! I've just gotta try that my self!" and smacks a hammer at his fore-head as blood flows down his face smoothly and becomes unconcious. {Timo}

Also in ALmusic 2- he reads a leeter of a fan who wants something of Al. So Al gets all mad, reaches down his shirt and rips out his heart. Then Al falls down dying with blood all over his right hand and on his chest.{Timo}

AlTV 3- Al Interviews some people beat up by Prince.{Lee}

Concerts (and on AlMusic)- Al slits his arm and/or his tounge with a meat skewer {Lee}

Eat It -(Music Video)-Gang member pulls girlfriends head off{Adzo}
Also in video- Guitar player blows up. If you run this through slow motion you can actually see a cardboard cut out as a stand in at the last second. {Elvis}

Fat (Music Video)- Guy gets squashed when Al jumps on him...(no severed body parts here, but it hurts just as much){Lee}

Headline News (song lyrics)- A rather important body part gets cut off by the guy's wife...{Sandy}

Jurrassic Park-(Music Video)-guy gets picked up by a dinosaur and bitten in half. {Sandy}
Also in video-a guy is almost pulled in two and another falls apart when a dinosaur walks behind him.{Sandy}
More in video- Barney's head get's bitten off and chewed up{Joltman}

Like a Surgeon - (Music Video)-Al's finger is cut off{Insane Ian}

Living With A Hernia - (Music Video) - A man stands there with his severed head in his hand {JawaHutt}

Smells like Nirvana -(Music Video)- Headbanger loses head {Adzo}
Also in video- one guy pulls another guy's arm off and starts swinging it around. {Lee}
In song lyrics- one of the lines is "Ears are bleeding"...I would just rather have my ears cut off!

Spy Hard - (Movie Intro Song in which Al sang)-Al's head blows up {JawaHutt}
Also in movie-Andy Griffith's arms blow off{JawaHutt}

The Night Santa Went Crazy (song lyrics)- reindeer gets slaughtered by a Santa who's had a bit too much egg nog...{Anne}

UHF-(Weird Al's movie)-kid gets cut in half by Conan the Librarian because of an overdue book. {Adzo} Also in Conan scene, man who didn't know the dewey decimal system got slaughtered{Lee}
Also in movie- Al whips guys arms off{Adzo}
Still yet in movie (violent, huh?)- Woodwork teacher's fingers cut off by circular saw
There's one more in the movie (It should be rated V for Excessive Violence :)-man shot blows up (during Rambo scene) If you run this through slow motion you can actually see the makeshift model of the man that they used to blow up. {Elvis}

 Weird Al Show-Holiday Episode- "Uncle Jonathon" loses a finger. (Well he was only kidding after all!){Elvis}
Also in series- Time Machine Episode- Al's hair and eyebrows get shaved off by the  "safe" electric razor.{Lee}

You Don't Love Me Anymore - (Music Video)-Piano player's hand is ripped off {Lucifer Sam}


Adzo: E-mail

Lee: E-mail

Elvis: E-mail

Lucifer Sam: E-Mail

JawaHutt: E-mail

Anne: E-mail..

Joltman: E-mail..

Sandy: E-mail..

Insane Ian: E-mail..

Timo: E-mail..

Any item that doesn't have a source by it was written by ME, stupid! By the way, these lists are over a year old, and before they were moved onto the 2000 inch page, they weren't updated for a long time. So the e-mail addresses for the contributors are probably wrong. If you know any of these people (if you're on the mailing list or if you used to be...) please contact me and try to tell me where these people went. Also by any means if you are one of the contributors, please contact me with your new e-mail address. Sorry for any mixups!

The Movie List

We all know the feeling of walking into a movie theater, a vat of hot, buttery popcorn in our hands, and settling down into the sticky seat which you payed the movie fare for. You sit through the endless previews, and then watch the movie.

That's all familiar to us, isn't it? But Al fans want to know more! What movies is Al mentioned in? What songs can we pop into the CD tray at home and hear about America's endless nights at the neighborhood movie-plex?

Well here's the answer, the Movie list!

Song Lyrics:

In the "Bedrock Anthem", Al sings about the Flinstones: a movie was made about them a few years ago

Alapalooza's first track, Jurassic Park, is about the famous movie made by Steven Spielberg

The parody of P.U.S.A.'s Lump, Gump, is about Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks.

Al did a song called the Brady Bunch. The Brady Bunch, annoying as they are, was made into a movie. Small world, isn't it? {Timo}

Al also did a song called George of the Jungle. This was a Disney movie. {Timo}

Al's song Yoda was about Yoda, a character in the Star Wars movies. {Timo}

Amish Paradise is a parody of Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise, from Dangerous Minds, the movie. {Timo}

The Saga Begins is about Star Wars Episode 1.

Theme Songs:

Al did the theme song to the Lieslie Neilsen movie "Spy Hard" and the opening sequence.

In the beginning of some editions of "Johnny Dangerously", a movie about a gangster turned good, Al's song "This is the Life" can be heard.

Al performed two songs in the TV movie "Safety Patrol" on ABC-Gump and a song written for the movie.

There was a soundtrack to Al's movie UHF, including the opening song and the Beverly Hillbillies song, both of which can be seen in the movie.

"Dare to be Stupid" can be heard in the Transformers movie and soundtrack.{Elvis}

Al's George of the Jungle was on the George of the Jungle movie soundtrack.

Actual Al Appearances:

He is also in Safety Patrol. It was on "The Wonderful World of Disney" on ABC. He performed two songs, and was mentioned by the kids at the school and featured on posters in the school. Leslie Neilsen is also in the movie.{Willie}

Al starred in the movie UHF, where he takes over a TV station and saves it from being sold.

In the Naked Gun movies, you can see Al as a gunman, with Vanna White, and entering the United States coming out of a plane awaiting thousands of screaming fans.

"The Compleat Al" - after al there was a shortened version "movie" that was shown on Showtime and it is available on video and laserdisc. {Elvis}

In Tapeheads, Al walks into a building and someone says something to him {Elvis}

So there you have it! Go and listen to these songs and rent these videos to see your favorite, Weird Al! If you have a submission for the list, send it to me at this!

The Contributors to this list are Elvis , Lee, Willie , Timo and Me!

Like I said before, I'm not sure if the contributors are still around, so if you know any of them, please contact me and we'll straighten out the old e-mail addresses.