You know you've been watching the Mighty Ducks too much when...
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You know you've been watching the Mighty Ducks too much when...

1. You try to style your hair like Tanya's....and it stays up like that.
2. You hear the theme song for the hundredth time, and it gets stuck in your head for days.(or is that just me?:)
3. You've taped every episode, and can resite all the lines by heart.
4.You insist on calling your skin "feathers".
5. Your bestfriend makes you sit through an episode of BeverlyHills 90210, you here Ian Ziering's voice, and you instantly think of Wildwing.(truth be told this actually happend to me, ok?!?:)
6. You notice that Kleghorn's voice comes in three ranges, loud,louder,and loudest.
7. You really think that the ducks need volume control for that guy.
8. You find it very odd that Duke and Mallory are the only ones with last names.
9. You feel like blowing up Mattel, for not coming out with a Tanya action figure.
10. You ask your parents if you can build a Secret Headquarters underneath your house.
11. You've learned everything you know from comicbooks.
12. You come up with this stuff!!!
13. You wonder just how does does Dragaunus button up his jammies with such long fingernails.
14. You have a manager named Phil, and do your best to stay away from him.
15. Your parents agree to let you build a secret headquarters underneath your house.
16. You name your pet after a character on the show.
17. You start calling your little brother Nosedive, because you think he acts just like him.
18. You finally take the time to notice that now I'm babbling!!!(hahahaha!)

1. You think the house across the street is really the raptor cloaked to look like a house.
2. You go to every Mighty Duck web page every day, even though you know they don't have anything new up.
3. You can't stop draw pictures of the Mighty Ducks.
4. You bug the writer of the Mighty ducks to death about the rumor of him not creating a second season.
5. You write Mighty Duck Fan Fiction.
6. You forget the Mighty Ducks is just a show and you try to call their hot-line.
7. You dream of going on a date with one of the Ducks.
8. You try to build a transporter and go to Dimentional Limbo and bring back Canard.
9. You call your car the Migrator.
10. You believe pain is an illusion and try to rip apart a car.
11. You think the guy you sat next to at the Hockey game was the Chameleon.
12. You glue feathers on yourself and buy a bus ticket to Anaheim so you can join the Mighty Ducks. (if you do this you have no life.)
13. You broke every valuable thing in your house trying to learn how to play hockey.
14. You get into a fight with your friend about who is the cutest Tom Cruise or Wildwing.
15. You think Dragaunus is cute.(Look out for the men in the nice white trench coats, cause your going nuts.)
16. You notice that sometimes Duke's feathers are grey and other times they're brown.
17. You tape the Mighty Ducks shows then when you watch them, you pause it every time your favorite character shows up.
18. You notice that sometimes the Chameleon's eyes don't always look in the same direction.
19. You think Nosedive looks cuter with his hair in a low ponytail.(or is that just me?)
20. You wonder if Wildwing grew his hair out long enough, would it stand up like a moehawk.
21. You wonder how the mighty Ducks can stand to squint so much and not have their faces freeze like that.


1. you start to spend all your time on the Ducks websites.
2. You quit school and/or jobs just to be closer to the ducks.
3. You collest every single Duck merchandise they have.
4. You pretend your action figures are real.
5. You think the Saurians are linked with Paparazzi (REMEMBER PRINCESS DIANA!)
6. When they cancel a TV program you like, you think it's the Saurians fault.
7. You picture four of the ducks as the Monkees or the Beatles or anyother four person group from the 60's
8. When the real Mighty Ducks hockey team loses, you instantly blame the Saurians.
9. You want to see Duke with his shirt off. ;)
10. You await the debut of all the other Ducks in the stories (Candy, Zelda, Lindsay, Kazora, Betsy, Erin, etc.)


Thats all she wrote folks! It's not so sad and pethetic now, is it? :) Got anything to add? then E-mail me and I'll post it up for ya!

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