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Mighty Ducks Central Command

Hello eyeryone, and welcome to my page! :) Feel free to have a look around. Just don't bust anything.

I'm sorry, but this page is no longer being updated. Thanks for being a patron! If you'd like to go to a page that I'm co-owner of, go here. Don't forget to sign the guestbook or e-mail me!! Thanks again.

..Ok, you can stop running around like a maniac any time now! The neighbors are begining to stare. ;p
I hate the fact that I can't update this place anymore. But I am working on some stuff. (I am a very busy person ^_^)

Sign the guestbook! (PLEASE?!?!?! Oh come on, you know you wanna! :)

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Here are all the places you can visit. So enjoy!!!


Mighty Ducks FAQ
Created by my friend Lisa!

You know you've been watching the Mighty Ducks too much when...

The Art Gallery!!!!


The Library!!!!


Bumper Stickers!!!

the Rules!!!
Charlyne told me to post this one!

Walk Like A Penguin!
By Kazora!!! The rewritten song to "Walk Like An Egyptian" ^_^
(It takes a couple minutes for the midi to load)

Hey, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the page!(it's the link to the ANIME!!! :)

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What little life I actually have, is dull and BORING! So E-mail me with comments or sugestions on how I can make this page better!

Mighty Ducks is the proporty of Disney. Everything else belongs to me or the creative minds of other characters and story writers. I had no ones permission to make this page. I'm just a big Duck fan.

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