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Well here it is, my lovely profile page.(All this stuff applies only to fan fiction.) Enjoy!

Name: Betsy (Elisabeth)
Date of Birth: You'll learn that when the end comes.
Height: 5'7
Weight: You risk your life with questions like that!!! Weapons: Combat and hockey skills, puckluancher (I keep it hidden underneath my jacket.)
Good Points:I'm caring, dependable, funloving, and had a little bit of medical training.
Bad Points: Can be a smartass and short tempered at times. A total shop-a-holic. :)
Likes: Wildwing (LUVs is more like it:)
Dislikes: Callista (my sister) shes a traitor, and sells her services out to who will ever pay the most.

Hey, heres Kay's profile. She will also be appearing in my fanfics. If and when I ever get them writen. :)

Name: Kazora (last name unknown.)
Age: 17
Weight: (slap,slap) How dare you!!!
Height: 8 feet even
Date of birth: Unknown. Sometime in the 80's
Species: Griffon. More dragon blood than most.
Weapons: Omnitool,speed,magic.
Speed: Can run 200 MPR. Even faster if needed.(Now this girl can run!:)
Good points: Really understanding, can get along with anyone, can run like h**l if needed. Can put up with Betsy AND Mallory:) Has extremely awesome magic!
Bad points: She can't swim.(The Ducks don't know that.) Can't drive,can barely fly, and she has lived in total solitariness for 16 years. That has a MAJOR effect on what you act like when you first chocolate. :)
Likes: Grin (and I quote from Kay herself "Grin is mine!!!") chocolate, bombing Nosedive with snowballs.
Hates: Water, Northstar,(the head Griffon) And the fact that she can't wear a dress, because of her genetic butt enhancement(tail). :)

Name: Iciss
Species: Cagon
Age: 3 maybe 4
Height/Weight: That of your average house cat
Weapons: What are you pysco? She's a kid for crying out loud!
Good points: She's cute and lovable. need I say more?
Bad points: When ever she gets angry or _scared_, she has a tendency to start talking in the third person.
Likes: Any form of candy or sweet. Asking the endless question. Why?
Absolutly hates: Getting a bath
Notes: Iciss has the power of teleportation. Although she can teleport little more than her own body weight. As far as anyone knows she is the last of her kind, there for she has claimed me as her guardian.(that means "mommy" in plain english)

Name: Jena Plume
Number & Position: Center, #52
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 8"
Weight: 127lbs
Weapons: Puck luancher, computer hacking equipment for screwing up files 'n technical stuff like that.
Appearance: She has dark brown feathers with blonde hair almost down to her waist. She also has large, deep blue eyes and a kind face. her uniform is green and gold, but Jena usually spends her days in suits and jeans.
Personality: Sometimes strict and "By the Book", but she's usually cheerful and is a supreme optimist. Does not have a huge temper, but will get annoyed easily.
Likes: Flying, has a definite need for speed, tennis, hockey and cute little furry things that don't bite.
Dislikes: Prissy snobs, fashion don't's and people who don't know what the hell their doing when they say they do.
Expertese: First class pilot- can fly anything from a kite to a F-16 fighter. Was once a master Corporal in the Puckworld Specail Forces as a Aerowing pilot and tactical expert. After the attack on Puckworld, she became a PSF military spy, used to gain information for the resistance.
Phrase overheard: "I can do that, but I don't wanna."

I wonder were this goes?