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The Art Gallery!!!

Greetings fellow art lovers! I finally got some new pics up!!! More are on the way, so just be patient. I'm working on it. :) I really need a scannner!!! But they have yet to make one that's compatible with webtv. Grrr....

Betsy(Mighty Duck)
Iciss I just kind of made her up. She's my pet cagon. Ain't she cute?
Kazora This is my version of what Kay looks like.

Mighty Duck pics by Tena!!!

At the Mall
You've got to be kidding
Partners (Jena and me) I love this pic!!!!! :)

Mighty Duck pics by Ylla!!!

At the beach
A MD:TAS/Ranma 1/2 crossover
Blade L'Orange
Erin In a scene from "Princess Problems"

The rest of these are pics of ANIME characters I made up.
Goddess Nemesi
Ayeka in a skimpy outfit :) (From Tenchi Muyo)

All the pictures in this gallary are the sole proporty of ME,(or other talented artists) and they are to remain in this gallery, unless permission is given to do otherwise. Thank you.

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