The Shoe Suede Blues Blues Plate Special Fan Party January 2nd, 2000 Club 66

YBlueK Tour Jan. 1st, 2000

So we came home and found out we had to bring Amanda!! to the motel her parents were staying since they had just arrived. We thought she was going to be spending the night with us but she couldn't. Well, After we brought her home we came back to Heather!!'s and got ready for bed. I wanted to draw a picture of the group to give them and Heather!! wanted to rewrite this poem she wanted to give to Peter. Holly!! wanted to go straight to sleep so we let her. Heather!! put on "Help", y'know, the Beatles movie and, well, to make it short, we didn't really get to sleep until about 3:30am. We then got up and realized it was 10:00 and Heather!!'s dad was going to be picking us up at 11:50! (he arrived at 12:20).

Skipping the drive and all...

We got the club again and took are seats again only slightly different from the ones the night before. There was a plastic sandwich bag of candy and a copy of a newspaper article about Peter and the SSB on each seat. Before the show, Bear and her friend (her name escapes me) were quietly passing around cards for everyone to sign. One was for Peter's b-day since he wouldn't be in Maryland on his birthday, a card for the band, and a card for Bonnie for setting up the concert. Then, they came out and played a few songs and said, "Welcome to our sound check." I finally got to eat after like 12 hours :) The whole performance was being video taped too so perhaps there'll be a way to get it on tape.

Experience #4: I had brought the picture I had completed after giving up the night before for tiredness. I showed it to Bear and Barbara before I finally got into the line to see Peter after their first set. I got there and smiled and said, "I *still* don't have anything for you to sign but this is a picture I drew last night."

He said, "Did you sign it?" I showed him I did in the corner. He smiled and said thank you and I smiled and he, for some reason expected me to go on or something 'cause he was looking at me for a couple seconds before he turned around and put the picture on the stage. I got out of the front of the line and rejoined with Heather!! and Holly!!.

I took my shirt I had bought the night before and brought it up to Stevie, the guitarist, to autograph. Unfortunately I didn't have a marker. The girl behind be did so I got him to sign it. I then borrowed someone else's and took my shirt to Tadg, the Keyboardist/Harmonica player, and asked him to sign my shirt. He smartly replied, "Sure, put it on." I put it down on the table and he signed it. I thanked him and went on. The bass player, Mike, was outside sign autographs and I asked a woman working if I could borrow her marker and she said when she got it back from her friend I could borrow it but she refused to get it out of her site since it "had been in Peter's hands so many times". Well, when she got it back, Mike had come in and the woman walked up to him with her ticket, which they suggested be keep to get signed, and asked if he wanted to be the first to sign it. After he did, she said, "and I believe this young lady would like you to sign her shirt." Well, taking after Tadg, he reached up to sign the shirt I was wearing. I immediately put my T-shirt up and exclaimed laughing, "No, this one." He did very kindly so and I thanked him.

I was sitting with Heather!! and Holly!! off to the side and we looked over to my chair and we saw Tadg sitting in it. I mockingly complained, "Why does he have to sit in my chair?" We laughed. I looked over and saw the drummer, John, by the "buffet" getting lunch so I went up the merchandise stand in the back and asked the man--who I think was Bonnie's husband--if he had a marker. He said they would only work on the shirts and I said that's what I was getting signed. I retrieved my shirt and took the marker promising I'd give it back. I then proceeded to ask John to sign my shirt and he kindly did. I then thanked him and I gave the guy back his marker.

Experience #5: I got into the line to get Peter to finally sign my shirt going to borrow the same woman's marker whom I had asked earlier and who was standing in front of my in line. In front of her was Heather!! and Holly!!. Heather!! was getting another CD autographed and her picture taken with him. Holly!! was there to take the picture. I reached ahead and asked Heather!! to get my camera when she was done. She said to ask Holly!!. So I turned to Holly!! and asked her if she would get my camera. She said she would.

Heather!! reached him, he signed her CD and she asked if she could get her picture taken with her. Holly!! took the picture. Holly!! then went back to get my camera and the woman and her friend went to get their tickets signed and they were taking their merry time talking to him too. When they finally left, I walked up and asked him if he'd sign my shirt. As he did, I said, "And I know this is a little repetitive but could I have my picture taken with you?"

He smiled and said, "One more." Why he said that, I'm not sure but he told me to stand beside him. Holly!! took my camera and Heather!! took out her camera. I had my arm across my stomach 'cause that's how I stand and I felt him put his arm around be and take my hand! I held his hand back. Holly!! and Heather!! pretty much took our picture at the same time. I then turned around and said thank you and *I* hugged *him*. *I* controlled the hug! Then I took my shirt and stepped away. I then had to run around and retrieve the woman's marker from the stage :)

Rebecca!! and some guy...

Minor Experience: Heather!!, Holly!!, and I retreated back to our corner to recap and talk and all and we looked over and this time, *Peter* was sitting in my chair! I mockingly complained, "Why do they have to sit in *my* chair?"

Holly!! said, "Well, ask him to get up."

I said, "No, the more people who sit there the better!"

The rest of the concert went like anything. We were with Barbara and Bear again and we made sure to stay clear of the cameras which were doing a great job of filming--there was a television which showed what they were seeing in their cameras. They played "Daydream Believer" and All 5 of us started doing this Cancan dance :) It was fun!

Minor Experience: The concert was over and people were filing out and we girls had to wait because Heather!!'s father was leaving his house at the concert ended and it took him about half hour/45 min. to get there so we were sitting watching the band pack up for their other concert that night at another venue in Maryland. As Heather!! continued drooling over Peter as he and his band pack up their instruments, I went up to one of the cameraman to compliment him on his filming. He was clearing up the chords by the steps to the stage. As I did, Mike, the bass player was trying to walk around up to get to the stage and Peter chanced to walk between me and the cameraman while we were talking. I didn't even break the conversation at all :) I said to Heather!! afterwards, "Did you notice who walked between us while I was talking?"

Well, after that, we went outside and talked with Barbara a little more before Heather!!'s dad came to pick us up. Barbara had shown us her collection of pictures of Peter and her with Peter. She has a picture of her and Peter on her key chain. It was a really cute picture too.

Well, then Heather!!'s dad arrived, we said good-bye, and he took us back to Heather!!'s. There, I called my mom, I got to see "The Devil and Peter Tork" for the first time, I went home, had dinner, went to bed, and went to school the next day.

And there you have it. That was my exciting New Years and January 2nd.

***All pictures were taken by Rebecca!! and may not be usd witout asking nicely first :)***

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