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About K3KY


I became a Novice class operator in 1963, and a General, K3YGU in 64. DXing and building were early interests of mine. I earned my Extra class ticket in 77. At that time it was possible to get a new 1x2 call for free, but I preferred my old call. Later I realized that K3YGU was not the best call for DXing, but only after years of getting beat up in the pileups (I did earn DXCC Honor Roll with it, however!) When the 'vanity' call program came along in 96, I jumped at the chance to get a better one. K3KY hit the airwaves November 6, 1996. It was definitely worth the effort. Today, I find it easier to be heard under difficult conditions.


My Novice Year Vanity Calls Land Rush
The Early Years Picking 25 Good Calls
The Middle Years Further Callsign Subtleties
The DX Decade  

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