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The DX Decade
banner.gif I put up a 120ft (37m) tower in 1987, probably the best investment I ever made in myself. I've had a lot of fun with it! My DXCC standings really took off in the next few years. Major milestones included 5BDXCC Oct/89, Mixed Honor Roll Nov/92, and Phone plus CW Honor Rolls Oct/94. At one time, these goals had seemed impossible, but there's not much you can't do if you really want it! The first antennas on the tower were a HB 2 element triband quad, an 80 inverted vee at 110ft, a 40 delta loop at 110ft fed horizontally at 70ft, and a 160 quarter wave sloper at 120ft. A Cushcraft A3 tribander + 40 meter dipole replaced the quad and delta loop in 93, enhancing 40m performance. A Force12 C4XL replaced the A3 in 97, once again enhancing 40m with a 2 element yagi. The 160 sloper gave way to a full size loop with apex at 110ft fed vertically. Various other wire antennas came and went over the years, mounted in our tall trees- especially bobtails and half squares for 40 and 80 meters. I put up a full size 80m quarter wave vertical wire with about 55 radials in Jan/99. It usually does a little better than the inverted vee. A Kenwood TS-930 was added in 94 for WARC capability- three new bands to chase DXCC countries on! I completely rebuilt an old Heath Warrior amp in 95 using GG 813's, and added a Drake L7 amp in 97. In 1996 I changed my call from K3YGU to K3KY . It is much easier to work DX with the new call. A Tennadyne T7 log periodic was installed on my second (40ft) tower in May/00 to enhance high band performance. I now have 199 out of 200 towards 5BWAZ, and enjoy participating in the Toplist award rankings (currently 2602 countries 9-bands.) I achieved 160m DXCC in 96, started RTTY DXing in Nov/98 and reached 100 confirmed in Apr/00. For me, the 1990's were a fun and productive DX Decade!

P.S. That C4XL antenna enabled me to work P5/4L4FN on 15m SSB and thereby
finally achieve DXCC Honor Roll Number One in 2001- the pinnacle of my ham
DXing career!

New! K3KY's 15 Minutes of Fame (70K .jpg)
K3KY on the lookout for electronic parts
at the Manassas, VA hamfest, June 1998


Radios Kenwood TS-930 Yaesu FT-101ZD
Amplifiers Drake L7 (pair 3-500Z) HB pair 813 GG (2 amps)
Antennas 40/20/15/10 2el Yagi 37m 30/17/12 Rotary Dipole 39m
Antennas 80 Inv Vee 35m, 80 Vert 160 Full Size Loop (vert) 35m
Antennas   7el LP 18ft boom 18-32MHz 12m

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