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Hi! my name is Tammy. I am also known as MomofDJanCN. I am a mother of 2 gorgeous children. Daniel and Carrington. I am 25 yrs old, and I am engaged to the light and love of my life Donny. We are expecting another arrival on or about Feb 20th, 2001. We are really anxious to know the sex. That way we can prepare. This however will be my last one, due to health circumtances. I will be delivering by c-sec again, as I did with my son and daughter. So we are taken this pregnancy in stride. That's all we can do. We plan to be married sometime in April 2001. Though, we are in no rush.. what's worth having is worth waiting for. We will soon be getting our own place, and living together. Which will unite us all as a whole. A whole family that is:). Please feel free to browse these pages I have created. It took alot of hard work, and patience. Pleaseeeeeee don't forget to sign my guestbook. :) Thank all!