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A poem just for you my love.....

As long as forever,
I will be at your side,
I will be your friend,
companion, and guide.

As long as I live and,
as long as you care,
I will do anything for you,
I will go anywhere.

I will bring you the sunshine,
I will comfort your fear,
I will gather rainbows to,
chase all of your tears.

As long as forever,
my love,
I will be true.

For as long as forever,
I will love only you...

With every breath that I take,
I feel our love grows everyday,
I can't wait to feel your body against mine,
Caressing each other as we intertwine.
The kisses that we share,
almost makes me fear,
but knowing that your always near,
makes the time for upcoming years.
My heart is yours,
if you open the door,
I vow to you my love,
as we reach to the stars above.

I love you!!