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...Earth Music of peace, tranquility, and spirituality for alternative natural healing...


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élan's music is now available in full-length MPEGs downloadable at: Music Freedom


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Windwalker's Wind Dance 


Imagine yourself lying on your back in a grassy meadow with the whipoorwills singing and crickets nocturnally chirping their songs of nature as you gaze up at the infinte stars created by the Great Spirit. The moon is in its first phase and a gentle brook bubbles distantly as fireflies playfully dance about the meadow and at the edge of the woods surrounding it. The wind whispers softly through the grass of the meadow as a coyote howls its song to all that may hear him from a nearby mountain.. You are at peace within yourself and with the nature enveloping you. This is a true gift from our creator. This is the gift I attempt to recreate through my music. Great Spirit, I am forever grateful to you for such generosity.






Wind Walker - Wind Walker - the saga of Windwalker as he travels across America 1998


Seer Seer - Seer - the continuing saga of Windwalker from elan - 1999


Through Eagle Eyes Through Eagle Eyes CD Front - Through Eagle Eyes - Windwalker soars with the great eagle - 2000


Through the Healing Door Through the Healing Door - Through the Healing Door - meditative alternative healing music - 2000


Mystic Waters Mystic Waters CD Front - Mystic Waters - easy listening and new age music for the soul - 2000


Distant Realms- Distant Realms - passionate and engaging easy listening music of Distant Lands- 2006


Journey of the Ancients - Journey of the Ancients - the best of elan's earth music- 2006


Afrika - Afrika - wild tribal African percussion tribute - 2006



MIDI and MPEG samples


MP3 files of élan's music are now available at Music Freedom

full-length CD versions - check them out!

Wind Walker, Seer, Through Eagle Eyes, Mystic Waters, Through the Healing Door, Distant Realms, Journey of the Ancients, and Afrika CDs are now available at

 Soul Window ©1999 elan michaels

Art is the window to the soul...


Wind Walker has spawned two Number 1 World Folk hits:

Rising Sun - Native American, North American, and New Hampshire

Song of the Wolf - Native American, North American, and New Hampshire

Seer has spawned one number 1 hit:

Distant Drums - Native American, North American, and New Hampshire

Song of the Wolf and Drums of Thunder reached number 2 and number 3 in World Folk on



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elan michaels.



"Rising Sun" - MIDITrax Contest Winner July 1999

"Earth and Sky" - MIDITrax Contest Winner August 1999

 "Song of the Wolf" - MIDITrax Contest Winner September 1999

"Maiden of the Wood" - MIDITrax Contest Winner October 1999

"Dance of the Wolf" - MIDITrax Contest Winner November 1999

"Blood Brother" - MIDITrax Contest Winner December 1999

"Unicorn Dream" - MIDITrax Contest Winner March 2000

"Unicorn Dream" - TOS 3rd Place Winner March 2000





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