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...Earth music of peace, tranquility, and spirituality for alternative healing...


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The Dalai Lama (1935-, Tibet Religious Leader Resides In India)


Mohawk Statue

Photograph from the Mohawk trail (Massachusetts, U.S.A.) by David Spiess

©2000 David Spiess and elan michaels


Click on the thumbnails to view full-size images

Sky Spirit Gracing Earth




Click on image for larger view


Small ArrowSky Spirit Gracing Earth

c. 1991 - Vermont

This photo was taken in Vermont near Grafton while visiting a remote cabin with friends from Connecticut. I thought this was a most precious gift.



Spiritual Sunset




Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowSpiritual Sunset

Kelly Farm Silhouette - 1999

Diane's sister Cheryl lives next door to this farm in Winchester, New Hampshire.

élan caught this sunset over the upper field just south of the Kelly farm house.


Backyard Inspiration




Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowBackyard Inspiration

(Robinhood Park)-1999

Diane shot this photo (early spring) in our backyard at Robinhood Park in Keene, New Hampshire. We'll take this same shot seasonally and place them here to share with you, so keep posted. How can one not feel truly inspired?


Majestic Mountain




Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowMajestic Mountain

(Mount Monadnock)-1999

After spending a beautiful day at America's Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire, élan shot this magnificent view of Mount Monadnock from Dublin, New Hampshire.

This mountain is one of the most climbed in the world and graces majestically over the Monadnock region from Jaffrey, New Hampshire.


Eternal Rest




Click on image for larger view


Small ArrowEternal Rest

(Kelly Cemetery)-1999

Diane captured this peaceful scene from a quaint cemetery located on Old Westport Road in Winchester, New Hampshire. This particular cemetery is located on a knoll above a large field and has a white picket fence surrounding its perimeter. It is quite lovely and there are approximately twenty graves, all from the 1800s.


Sea Tonality




Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowTonality of the Sea

(Biddeford Pool, Maine)-1999

élan captured this exposure on the beach near the Wood Island Lighthouse in Biddeford Pool, Maine. The art of nature carved by the sea.


Rocks of Ages




Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowRocks of Ages

(Biddeford Pool, Maine)-1999

Another amazing sculpture from the sea also captured to film at Biddeford Pool by élan in June of 1999.


The Speaking Gift




Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowThe Speaking Gift

(Biddeford Pool, Maine)-1999

Diane and élan were amazed by this gracious gift taken near the Wood Island Lighthouse in Biddeford Pool, Maine.


Sunset of Tranquility




Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowSunset of Tranquility

(Biddeford Pool, Maine)-1999


This exposure was taken on the same evening as the exposure above. This shot was slightly south of the of the first and the lighting of the clouds was simply amazing and awe-inspiring.


Entering Ducks-Spirit in the Lake

Click on image for larger view


Small ArrowSpirit in the Lake

(Keene,New Hampshire)-1999

This exposure was captured in our back yard by Diane during the past summer. Isn't this awe-inspiring? The colors of the sunset were quite remarkable as you notice from the hues reflected from the white ducks. Sunsets such as this are truly a gift from the Great Spirit.


Robinhood Park in the Summer

Click on image for larger view


Small ArrowBackyard Inspiration II

(Keene,New Hampshire)-1999

As promised, this is another exposure Diane shot at Robinhood Park. This is a summer scene from approximately the same location as the spring scene above.


Robinhood Park in the Fall

Click on image for larger view


Small ArrowBackyard Inspiration III

(Keene, New Hampsshire)-1999

The fall exposure of Robinhood Park at the same location as the spring and summer scenes of this inspirational backyard.


Blue forest of Vermont

Click on image for larger view


Small ArrowBlue Forest

(Jericho, Vermont)-1999

This exposure was taken by élan as he laid on his back facing skyward and filmed this Vermont foliage. The photos color was removed to grayscale and then this hue was applied to the image. As you may have noticed, élan is quite fond of silhouettes.


  Old Mystic Seaport

Click on image for larger view

Small ArrowRest at Sea

(OldMystic, Connecticut)-1999

This exposure was filmed by élan from a sprawling cemetery in Old Mystic. This shot depicts the Old Mystic port with the tall clipper ships at anchor. The sunset was most magnificent.


More Photographs from élan and Diane

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