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About the Taff Riders Motorcycle Club

The Taff Riders Motorcycle Club, or from here on, the Taffs, meet every Thursday night. Our aims, as a club are simply to enjoy ourselves. That could mean pretty much anything given a look at our members. We're a good mixed bunch, some in their 20's, and some, by the looks of it must be in their 70's, bless 'em; and still at it (but not in the way you're thinking!)y' know, riding their bikes about, going away for the weekend with the tents, trips to shows, runs abroad, race meets, whatever we bleedin well want to do. Among our members, you'll find all kind of bikes. We're talking from a ratty ol' CB250 to a Spanking SP1, from a dirty honda XR to a gleaming FX6-C. That'll cover pretty much the spectrum of motorcycles available. So, you see, whoever you are, whatever you ride, if you can make it to our meetings, you're welcome.

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