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Marcia McMahon, M.A. Certified National Guild of Hypnotists, MA,

CWRU, BA Ursuline College

Marcia is a gifted Hypnotist serving the Central IL and St. Louis, Mo area for eight years now.  She also does national and international sessions via Skype!

Marcia has published articles in the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists magazine the online hypno-gram.

Marcia is a gifted intuitive and author. She has published four books titled Princess Diana's Message of Peace, With Love from Diana Queen of hearts, Notes from John, Messages from Across the Universe and Ascension Teachings with Archangel  Michael; all on

She has been awarded Who's Who in America at least 10 consecutive years, since 2004 for teaching, publishing her books, and her watercolors.

Diana Speaks to the an exciting site to explore Marcia's channeling of the Late Princess Diana's words on World peace and her message of Love to the world ! Here you may read other mesages form Archangel Michael, and review her many books and reviews TV and radio appearances and purchase her book With Love
from Diana, Queen of Hearts!Diana, Angel of Althorp by Marcia McMahon, C. 2001.
Her readings with the the angels are given here :

Divine Connections with Reiki, Marcia 's site which explains all about reiki, the three levels of teaching Reiki and Marcia's gift with Angelic Reiki. You can sign up for 1/2 or an hour  session. Marcia is a Reiki Master Teacher teaching both  traditional Usui Reiki and Angelic reiki. She also does readings with the Angels! Note: All image are the property of Marcia Mcmahon and cannot be used without her express permission!
Other sites woth exploring-- Angelic healing with AA Micahel and Catherine Corgrno! with Rose Campbell, gifted medium