This interactive adventure is inspired by the novel

(Note to players: Some of the dramatic details are fictional, or at least legendary, and are susceptible to interpretation and timing: but all of the correct choices are historical. It is possible for someone very familiar with William the Conqueror's career to "sail" through this choose your own adventure-style solo role-playing game, but not likely. You can always console yourself with the thought that William was a lot luckier than you and me. When you find yourself required to toss a coin, you have made an error that is not 100% fatal: when you choose correctly, there is no chance for failure, and no deadend.)

William the Bastard: 1038 to 1047

Falaise castle, early home of William the Bastard

Little William in happier days before his father's death

Your father (duke Robert "the devil") secured the fealty of all the magnates before he left on pilgrimage to Jerusalem four years ago: they acknowledged in his presence and before clerical witnesses, that they accepted you as heir to the duchy of Normandy. Then he went and died on his way home, leaving you in the hands of loyal men sworn to protect you and train you up to be the next duke.

When your uncle and regent, archbishop Robert of Rouen, was found dead unexpectedly, rumors of "poison" immediately flew. Then your steward and bodyguard was murdered in the middle of the night at your side: the assassin could not distinguish between you in the dark and killed the wrong person. (Osbern was a small man, and you are large for your youthful age.) Things are getting very hot in Normandy. Daily, the dangers to your well being increase. With the very members of your household winding up dead in increasing numbers, it is only a matter of time (and not much of that is left, by the look of things) before an assassin strikes you down.

You have limited choices, and lots of advice either way, depending on who you talk to:
Flee to your aunt Emma in England (the "queen mother")
Stay nearby, but find better places to hide: keep moving around.