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This purrrrr...fectly, picture-filled page is dedicated to those 'lowly', catseye marbles...well...low no more! They are truly desired marbles of beauty with feline attitude and value. So, take a brief paws, a short wait and the catseyes will appear.

I hope you have enjoyed my site. It's getting late...time for a few zzzzzz's and sweet, mib dreams to commence, but before I can snooze, I see that the last of the cats has not been brought in for the evening. They'll play marbles all night long if we let them! Hmmmm, no luck. Maybe, some Tuna will entice them inside?

Here kitty, kitty...schweeet kitty. No kitty, kitty my bag of marbles...bad kitty, kitty!

" sleep, perchance to dream..." those lovely, marbled, R.E.M. moments!

While I'm on snooze duty, here is more for you to see.