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Ron's Marbles,

Toys And Things

Thank you for visiting my website. I have been collecting marbles and Related Items for about 15 years now.

I rediscovered their beauty and appeal in an antique shop over a decade ago while shopping in a quaint, rural, Georgia town. There were at least 150 Benningtons in the group.

I had to have them and the marble madness began like a Sunburst, thankfully.

As a young boy,

I recall those fun-filled hours "knuckling-down" with the neighborhood competition.

Oh, the Games we played.

Those Rascals usually snagged most of my prizes. (Drawing courtesy of Steve Cartwright, freelance writer, artist and friend. Email address:

The childhood collectibles are long gone. The Cats were out of the Bags.

Mom "spring cleaned" them one year along with their cigar box homes containing all my ball cards and comics including the first 15 to 20 issues of Spiderman.

After all, they just cost ten cents each. Into the can they went.

I would almost guarantee that I had multiple Mantle Rookie cards in that Hav-a-Tampa box and the killer pennants, too!

Or, maybe they were in all the Crayola Tins?

The ball cards were practically destroyed anyway, what, with our bike spokes in need of sound, the obvious dart targets and airplane fodder. They made great wings and tails. The comics? No bother, they were back-pocket-folded and well read. But, the Marbles?

I am still searching for marbles, and it is all I can do to keep my wife from cleaning these days. Goodness knows, I resist all temptations and orders to spring clean.

I would enjoy chatting about marbles with you. Maybe, I can answer some questions for you about the ones you found in the attic, in a drawer or maybe those Small ones under the bed.

So, if you have any to talk about, sell, trade or even "spring clean," I am always interested. Email is warmly appreciated and I answer all. Uniquely,

Ron (aka

I can see by Mickey's little and big hands that it is about Time to show a few marbles and things.

I am new at this and my site will be under construction as I learn and take more pictures! So, drop in from time to time to check out the latest. There will be offers throughout my rambling text and I plan to create a "FOR SALE" section in the near future. This site will take a little time to load, but hopefully, worth the wait. I think you will enjoy it.


These are Master Marble Stockboxes found in old backstock at a rural Five & Dime store. They are from the 1930's and contain shooter sized marbles. There are Uniques, Games and Clearies. A couple have been auctioned and sold to collectors, but I may have a box or two of each to offer.

A Few Akro, Buddy, USA, and Master Marble Boxes:

Bagged Marbles:

Here are a few examples.

Advertising Pieces, Premiums or Giveaways and Marble Bags:

These items can be difficult to find, especially the premiums.

All are exciting to collect. As all marble collectors know, we have to be careful with this category of marble collectibles as fantasy, fakes and reproductions are rampant in the market. It helps to know the marbles. It is safe to say, to know marbles is to realize there is a lot about marbles to learn. The marble educational process is continuous and explosive.

Related Marble Items and Marbles In Use:

It is neat to find examples of items that are made from marbles. Just a few of the seemingly endless list are; jewelry, towel holders, Railroad and Vehicle Reflectors, lamp shades, tramp or prison art pieces, Jewel Trays, cane or walking stick finials, cuff links, Gearshift Knobs, Jewelry, Finials, ball rollers for stool and chair legs and on and on. Here a few of examples.

My Favorite Marbles and Things to Collect

  • Antique or Vintage Handmades
  • Older Machine Mades by all Makers
  • Original Boxes and Bags of Marbles
  • Advertising Pieces- Marble Companies,Themes
  • Marble Premiums or Giveaways
  • Advertising Boxes and Bags of Marbles
  • Marble Tournament Medals,Ribbons, Buttons
  • Marble and Toy Price Books,Fliers, Catalogues
  • Any and All Things Constructed Using Marbles
  • Marble Related Items In General

My Favorite Web Sites

Bob Block's Marble Bulletin Board
Don and Becky Miller's Site
Pete's Landofmarbles Site
Cartoons by Steve Cartwright!