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Welcome to the Rossiter/Wilbur Page

In our ongoing quest to find our heritage, I've put up this simple page in hopes that someone may stumble across it and be able to provide us with family information.

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My grandmother, Ruth Mary Marshman, was born October 25, 1925 in New Brunswick. Her grandparents were Robert "Kinnear" and Mary {Rossiter} Wilbur. If you have any information regarding the history of this family, please feel free to submit a comment. Thank~you

***The following information is a culmination of information received as well as what my grandmother remembers. We are in the midst of fine~tuning the details of the line***

1. Enoch Wilbur SPOUSE: Jane C. Ritchie 2. Robert "Kinnear" Wilbur {1840~1908} MOTHER: Sarah Kinnear FATHER: Benjamin Wilbur KNOWN SIBLINGS: Georgiana (g-g grandmother to Kathy Upton in Cherryfield, Maine) SPOUSE: Mary Jane Rossiter {1850~1929} dob: September 19 3. Minnie Wilbur {sister to Arthur,Enoch,Lide,Evalene Laura,Ann} dob: SPOUSE: George Marshman 4. a} Woodrow George Marshman {Mavis} b} Glendon "Ted" Marshman {Leona} c} Ruth Mary dob: October 25, 1925 SPOUSE: Cecil Hitchcock 5. Please see the Marshman Page for further information