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Welcome to the Marshman Family Page!

It seems that our online presence is growing! If you have a comment to make, or news to share, or even just a greeting, feel free to do so here. I'm going to make an attempt at listing what family history I do know, so if I miss any information from your immediate family, please forgive me and email the info so I may make the necessary adjustments. Thank~you, and enjoy!

Eventually we will also be posting scheduled family events on this page, as well as births, weddings, etc

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{Number of Visitors as of June 06, 1999}

1. George McWilliams
   Spouse: Mary Buchanan
   DOM:April 03, 1843
   POM:New Brunswick, Canada

2. Joseph A. Marshman 
   DOB: Dec.15, 1855
   Spouse: Mary A. MacWilliams
   DOB: Jan. 26, 1860
   POM: New Brunswick, Canada

3. a.Roy Marshman
     DOB: April 08, 1880 {buried in Florida}
   b.George Marshman
     DOB: Oct.18, 1883
     Spouse: Minnie (Wilbur Rossiter)
   c.Ora W.
     DOB: September 9, 1889 {died in WWI}
   d.Eugene Marshman
     DOB: July 30, 1891
   e.Florence {Flossie}
     DOB: May 12, 1897
     Spouse: Roy Surret
     DOB: August 26, 1896 {passed away at the age of 4}

4. b. i.Woodrow George Marshman {Mavis}
     ii.Glendon {Ted} Marshman {Leona}
    iii.Ruth Mary Marshman Hitchcock {Cecil}
        DOB: October 25, 1925

   d. i.Jean
        DOB: 1915
     ii.Joyce {Bertrand}
        DOB: 1931
        DOB: 1933

   e. i.Guy
        DOB: 1912{?}

   g. i.Shirley

***Alright, now I'm treading on thin ice.***
I know I will miss names here, and I have absolutely no
idea as to birth order. Please email me with details
so I can make the appropriate corrections***
5. b. i. a}Janet {Danny Bathgate} b}Bruce c}Jennifer d}Bob e}Judy {George Warn} f}Barry ii. a}Betty b}Glendon c}Patricia {Bob} d}Brian {Doreen} e}Doug {Mary Ellen} iii. a}Aloma {David Lee} DOB: October 23, 1945 b}Eric DOB: November 30, 1947{?} d.ii. Mark Bertrand e. i. Florence Spouse: Harold Davis 6. b. i. a} 1}Stephen {Jennifer}[Kenzie] 2}Michael {Misty} [Kelton] b} 1}Jennifer 2}David d} 1} e} 1}Dean 2}Mandy ii. a} 1}Cheryl 2}Bonnie b} 1}Jennifer c} 1}Sandra 2}Ted e} 1} 2} iii. a} 1}Angela {Kel Brandt}[Kristina,Rochelle,Joshua] 2}John 3}Laura {Rob Rempel}[Alison,Heather] b} 1}Eric {Julie}