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About Yexi

Yexi is a real-time tactical simulator which allows the players to take command of powerful starships in a naval-style combat game set in outer space.

Issue orders to your crew, request reports, or take direct control of the bridge stations. In the multiplayer mode, team up with your friends to save the fate of the galaxy in six unique scenarios.

As the captain of your starship, you will be required to lead an armada against a horde of enemy vessels in a series of peace-keeping missions throughout the galaxy, and to participate in multiplayer matches in a fierce dispute for total domination and ultimate 'ownage'.


Download Yexi for FREE


The full version of Yexi OS X is available for download here. Thank you, and have fun!




Yexi OS X has been reviewed by Gerrit Dalman for the Alaskan Apple Users Group.

The game received a 3.5 out of 5 mooses: "if you're looking for a tactical space combat shareware game to replace NetTrek, Starship Reliant, or Ares, well, this is about your only option. But it's a good one at that!"


Yexi Classic has been reviewed by Pietro Cristofoli for the May issue of the Applicando Magazine, the main Mac related publication in Italy.

Yexi received a score of 3.5 out of 5: "For the complex execution, the absence of bugs, and the great implementation of the multiplayer mode, [this title] deserves a place in the store shelves side-by-side with the top quality productions."


"Yexi - The Interstellar Adventure" has been reviewed by Kit Pierce for MacGamer. The game received the final score of 90%: "For tactical naval battle simulations in deep space [...], Yexi is a good as they come."






Schedule of online matches

Please, contact the host of the event to work the details out. To have your event listed here, contact us. If it's really urgent, you may catch me online on iChat.


Tactical hints

Upon entering a QuickBattle match, immediately press "F3" to raise shields and power up weapons, "8" to put your ship in motion, and "Y" to target the nearest enemy vessel. Then, open the "HELM" pane (on the left-bottom of the SAW screen) and click on the "PURSUE" button.

To make your torpedoes fly fast enough to reach the select target, launch them from a speed greater than 30,000 km/s. The torpedoes accelerate to a speed 75% greater than the speed of your vessel.



- "I think Yexi rocks" - Kevin, Tesarta

- "I really love the design of the interface" - Baboon

. "... I'm very impressed." - Nicholas, Monkey Byte

. "... a playable game that still adheres to a proper sense of scale for space combat." - Gerrit, The Communiqué

. "Awesome stuff, dude" - Monkey

. "I bought Yexi today, after playing the demo a lot." - Chris


Are you a software reviewer?

If you are a software reviewer for a creditable gaming publication and would like to receive a special reviewer's copy of "Yexi", send us your contact and company info.


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