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This is an archive of my Harm/Mac fanfic. It is also posted on FanFiction.Net.

Always Loved You

Just as Harm and Mac admit their feelings, tragedy strikes. Kleenex warning.


Angel of Your Heart

Mac has been in a road accident and is in a coma. Is Harm too late?


Doesn't Erode The Memory

A/U. Mac and Harm used to date but have broken up. Mac's moved to Australia. What could happen?


How Do I Live?

Harm has a pondering session about his feelings for Mac.



Sequel to 'Always Loved You'. Harm realizes there is a way he and Mac can be together. Character death.


Stop Making Me Love You

Harm and Mac's thoughts during the 'Lifeline' kiss


Stop Making Me Miss You Like This

Fourth in the series. Harm and Mac's thoughts after the events in 'Stop Making Me Question What I Know.'


Stop Making Me Question What I Know

Follows 'Stop Making Me Love You' and 'Stop Making Me Say Goodbye'. The aftermath of the confessions.


Stop Making Me Say Goodbye

Sequel to 'Stop Making Me Love You'. The events after the 'Lifeline' kiss


Surtout, Je Crois L'Amour

Moulin Rouge done JAG style.