Southeast Asia Wars

This area of east and south Asia has a number of areas of tension and actual fighting, the worst of which are in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Kashmir.
Afghanistan has a major war between Taliban rebels and western and Afghan government forces.
Sri Lanka has the continuing war between Tamils wanting their own political unit, as in pre-colonial times, and government forces. Kashmir has the dispute continuing since Independence in 1947. Nepal has had a civil war mainly against the royal regime. This one may have been resolved by the defeat of the king.

Muslim provinces of Thailand are seeing what may be the beginning of a separatist war, perhaps for transfer to Malaysia (from which they were detached in an earlier phase of Thai expansion).

Taiwan is under pressure from mainland China whose policy is to reunite the island with the mainland.
The Solomon Islands have a mainly Australian peacekeeping force because of weakening government and increasing unrest.

North Korea is a collapsing economy ruled by a ferocious absolute monarchy, which has now exploded a nuclear weapon. It is under pressure from its neighbors, and from the United States.

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