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Ivory Coast





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Ivory Coast


It is not entirely clear what is going on.

One aspect seems to be a general weakening of government authority. Another is the split between the Muslim north of the country and the Christian and animist south.

The post-colonial president, Houphouet Boigny, is described as having balanced the various interests in the country; his successors have failed to do this, causing discontent among those who feel excluded.

Another factor is the extreme breakdown occurring in neighboring countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, whose various guerrilla wars are spilling over into Ivory Coast.

A third is the collapse of the Cocoa price, following the abolition, on the advice of the World Bank, of the government's Marketing Board.

There are French troops in the territory, to protect the numerous French residents of the country, and attempting to mediate between the main factions. A French government sponsored conference in Paris resulted in a peace agreement, by which the rebels would be given a place in government - their real demand. The 'government' faction refused to implement the agreement.

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