Some problems cover the whole world. This section lists some of them. They all affect each other.
World problems need world cooperation to solve them.

 World Problems
 AIDS  Free Speech  Refugees
 Antarctica  Genocide  Resource depletion
 Biological Diversity  Government Collapse  Sovereignty
 Climate Change  Militant Religion  Torture
 Cold War  Military growth  Unemployment
 Democracy  Non-Human Dangers  United Nations
 Disputed Borders  Ocean pollution  Urbanization
 Drugs  Ozone layer damage  War Pollution
 Economic Imbalance  Population increase  Water Problems
 Energy  Radioactivity  World System
 Famine    Blind 'Oss

Thinking of everything
 Stephen Mithen

Problem-solving and the Evolution of Human Culture (ICR Monographs)

 Stephen Mithen - After the Ice

After the Ice: A Global Human History 20,000 - 5000 BC

How humans survived the retreat of the ice, the last time drastic climate change occurred.

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